The Media/Left’s Mueller Madness Or It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like another Blue Fitzmas

Once again the left’s dream of destroying a GOP administration via a prosecutor has gone up in smoke.

The Mueller report has been delivered to the AG and the only real result has been the conviction of a beltway insider whose corruption had gone on for years happily ignored by all until he a couple of months on the Trump campaign, and a plea from a soldier for a crime even the person questioning him didn’t believe happened.

Amazingly the biggest winner in this whole situation has been, you guessed it President Donald Trump in fact Trump is in better shape than if there had not been a special council at all, or if he fired him, or if he pardoned those who had been convicted or who had coped a plea.

And I haven’t even started talking about all the revelations that have hurt the left.

Already the spin has begun, not enough is being released, the report is “a floor not a ceiling”, the house needs to peruse this even further, that the full truth hasn’t been discovered, all the underlying documentation needs to come etc etc etc but let me answer this with a single point.

Mueller had two years, a group of some of the most partisan investigators in the business and not only an administration containing people actively seeking to bring down this President but members of his own party pushing the idea of crimes going on…and they got NOTHING.

If you don’t believe me watch the video of CNN & MSNBC from Friday evening. Look at the anchors and their guests. They may be trying to insist that there is still hope of finding something anything to prove a crime but they all look like the want to throw up.

Update: Hey what about the Concord Management and Consulting Trial?

Update 2: Instalanche Thanks Glenn welcome folks yes we’re still here. Take a peek around. Find out why the rule of Anti-Antis and the Ghastly Tom Hagen math of last year shows why the Jewish liberals will never abandon the Democrats no mater how anti-semitic they are, How Evan Sayet predicted the college scandal Our stable of first rate regular writers blogging and if you’re Christian my daily reflections each day this Lent.

Update 3: To give you some perspective Here is how the Democrat /Media / Left saw Robert Mueller a few weeks ago.

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Here is how they see him as of today:

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