How Trump Won Vs the Media/Left Russia MullerMadness By Actions Inactions and Luck

Capt Kirk: No, wait! There’s a better way. Does not your sacred book promise that good is stronger than evil?
Sirah: Yes, it is written. Good shall always destroy evil.
Elder: It is written.
Cloud William: The fight is done when one is dead.
Dr. McCoy: Spock, I’ve found that evil usually triumphs unless good is very, very careful. 

Star Trek The Omega Glory 1968

Yesterday I mentioned that the big winner out in Mueller Madness was Donald Trump but I gave no details let me point out three ways that Donald Trump won the “Russia Collusion” / “Russia Elected Trump” game.

Luck: Sessions Recuses himself:

This was a move that I and a lot of conservatives objected to. Jeff Sessions decision to recuse himself led directly to the appointment of Mueller by Rod “Wires” Rosenstein. By any standard one would assume that this was really bad news for the president particularly as it led to two years of stories hitting him, but think about it for a second.

If Sessions DIDN’T recuse himself and a special council had NOT been appointed then instead of an investigation made by a bunch of Democrats that without any members of the Trump team or family indicted, we would have had two years of the left/media making wild charges against the president and calling him a traitor without refute and claiming the lack of an investigation as evidence of crimes.

Sure the left will try to spin this but the Mueller report will be the ultimate refutation to these claims.

Inaction: Trump doesn’t fire Mueller and/or Rosenstein:

For a very long time a lot of people were shouting that Mueller should have been fired, it certainly would have fired up the base of the party if he was and had he done so the investigation would have either ended or been assigned to a different prosecutor who would perhaps not have commuted the excesses of Mueller, but imagine if he had.

Not only would the current result if brought by a different prosecutor or supervised by a lower level AG have had a shadow cast on it by the media but Mueller like Comey would have become a martyr, Rosenstein would have resigned (if not fired in addition to or instead of Mueller) and the media would have gone full Saturday Night Massacre card treating one or both of them casualties to the cause of good government rather than Rosenstein being remembered as the man offering to wear a wire to get the President and Mueller and his team under being unable to indict any of the Trump family under a legal system where as the saying goes you can indict a Ham sandwich.

Trump instinctively understood that the American public would have assumed that he had something to hide if this was done, so he did nothing and Mueller came out with nothing. What a move.

ACTION: Sessions Resigns and Barr appointed AG

The biggest drawback for the President in the decision of AG Sessions to recuse himself was that Rod “wires” Rosenstein handling of the Mueller case was unsupervised, which meant that Mueller and his merry band of Democrat Operatives masquerading as seekers of justice were also unsupervised. Pushing Sessions to resign (and lets not pretend for a moment that he wasn’t so pushed) and his replacement by William Barr (Who managed to draw three Democrats in his confirmation vote) meant that Rosenstein had a supervisor, albeit a hands off one, who would be able to see and report on any excesses in the Mueller Probe

I submit and suggest that it’s no coincidence that less than two months after Barr’s confirmation as Rosenstien’s superior Mueller and company decided to closes up shop with no Trump scalps in hand.

INACTION: Trump issues no pardons.,,Yet!

Of all of the presidents actions this was the 2nd most important. It would have been SO easy for the president to pardon a low level guy like
Papadopoulos or a preemptive pardon to someone like Carter Page who despite being the supposed fall guy for this stuff, never got indicted.

There would have also been a lot of sympathy toward a pardon for General Mike Flynn the soldier financially ruined by Mueller and Co and tricked into a plea deal that increasingly looks like it can’t pass the smell test,

But the president understood rule #1 that the cover-up is worse than the crime even if no crime took place. He knew that any pardons while the investigation was going on, would seem to the voters like a cover up, even before the MSM/Left attempted to sell pardons that way.

Furthermore it would have not only have tainted the lack of further indictment but might have been used to justify an expansion in the scope of the probe itself and lastly it would have been a bad precedent to set for the country in case for a future date if an actual corrupt president has something to hide.

Perhaps after re-election before the start of his second term or during the lame duck time before the swearing in of the next president
it might be time to revisit the issue of pardons, particularly for General Flynn. As more facts continue to come out showing the Mueller case to be the empty witch hunt that it was such a move would be perceived by the general public as not obstructing justice, but simply justice.

LUCK: The Russians show up in court

Of all the events that took place in the course of the Mueller probe, the most delicious and the most unexpected was when the Russian company
Concord Management and Consulting, LLC, after being indicted turned up in court and pleaded not guilty instead of obligingly staying out of the reach of Mueller’s prosecutor team as the special council expected.

The Mueller team was caught off guard even to the point of actually arguing before a judge that they couldn’t go forward with the case because the defendant, whose lawyer were present were not properly served becoming to my knowledge the 1st prosecutors ever to complain that the defendants appeared to be tried.

The entire process has been an embarrassment for Team Mueller and their battles to withhold as much as 80% or more of the items requested for discovery suggests that this case will end up dropped if the judge rules that the defense is entitled to them:

If these folks stayed in Russia as was expected then this company and their 13 employees would forever be listed as wins for Mueller, as it stand it remains a ticking time bomb of potential embarrassment for team Mueller which might be one of the reasons why no new indictments are coming.

Luck: MSM/Democrat/ Overreach

I could write a month’s worth of posts talking about the hyperbole of the left for the past two years over Trump/Russia suffice to say that from claims of Treason and being a Russian asset to insisting that all of his family will go to jail the MSM has laid it on thicker and thicker to the point where the failure to indict is producing the worst night for the left since election night.

If they had shown even the tiniest bit of discretion concerning their claims concerning Mueller then they wouldn’t have doubled the size of the President’s win.

But in fairness since there has been no subject concerning President Trump that the MSM/Left has shown restraint on to expect them to have done so here might be unfair in terms of expectations, they were simply acting according to their nature.

Action: Trump fights back against he meme.

Like the MSM overreaching the idea of the president fighting back is so normal that it’s almost cheating to mention it. When he fought back against the press he was just being himself, but it doesn’t change the fact that his willingness to fight back not only bated the left into overreach but allows him an even bigger victory lap. Now picture for a moment if he had followed the Bush route and sat back and played the MSM’s game for them. How easy would it have been for the MSM and Mueller team of Democrats to push this far beyond where the fact took it? I think pretty easy

Instead now with the media breathlessly insisting that there is STILL there there and that they don’t need an investigation run by a bunch of the President’s enemies to prove the President is a traitor, Donald Trump can point to the last two years of media frenzy and their even more over the top pronouncements being made now and ask: “Why is anybody taking any of these guys seriously?”

In the end President Donald Trump was able throughout the Mueller investigation to made decisions to act and react or not to events in a way to maximize his political advantage while sowing the seeds of his foes defeat in a way that the left could not because he had a critical advantage that his foes did not: He knew the entire Trump collusion business was made up out of the whole cloth, while his foes, even the ones who weaved the threads still can’t believe it wasn’t.

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