Lenten Reflections 4th Wednesday of Lent: Unbreakable

Yesterday we touched on the difference Christ has made in terms of forgiveness but there is one more aspect of our relationship between God as father and the sacrifice of Christ worth noting.

As any parent will tell you there are times when your children simply set your hair on fire. You’ll tell them to do something, you’ll warn them about what it will mean, you’ll beg them to make the right choice, but they will not only fail to listen but will defy you doing it.

When that happens there are always consequences, part of it being the consequences that come from the act itself (say driving a car through the store window) and the other part being the punishment the parent imposes for the act. (grounding). However the constant that does not change is that even as a parent punishes child for stupidity, the parent never stops loving the child and even in the darkest hour hopes the child will come to their senses.

That’s really the relationship we have with God, while sin damages our relationship with him it doesn’t end his love for us nor does it stop him from extending his hand waiting for us to grasp it and thanks to Christ paying the price of our sins we enjoy the ability to be forgiven up to the very moment of death. That love

That’s how much love the father has for us, he gives us our entire life to return the love he offers and no sin no matter how severe is capable of negating that love. May we during the Lenten season return that love sooner rather than later