#muellermaddness Smolett and The Rules for Leftists

With yesterday’s news that Chicago State Attorney Kim Foxx’s decided to drop all charges against Jussie Smolett we conservatives are forced to make the following conclusions concerning justice in America..

You can launch a smear against a conservative public figure made up out of the whole cloth and support said smear in the media for two years and when despite all efforts to the contrary said smear is exposed as false, you will not pay a legal price for it.

You can create a hate crime hoax and tar all conservatives for said crime, get the support of the media and the Hollywood community and use up hundreds if not thousands of man hours of police time to investigate said hoax, and when said hoax is exposed, you will not only not face any consequences for said actions but will be able to claim to be the victum.

Bottom line as long as conservatives in general or a particular conservative in particular come to grief by your actions said actions will always be justified or excused in any democrat controlled institution whether media, or culture or city government.

And people wonder why conservatives buy guns?

Closing thought. Am I the only person in the nation who things the timing of this announcement was designed to change the subject from Mueller?