I Think Trump Need to Mention the Unplanned Movie to Shame Twitter etc

And then the networks can explain why they have refused ads for them and why twitter blocked them. Of course that might me the move that finally gets twitter to ban the President, because I guarantee you at once point in the election season it will happen.

Not Russia and Not Trump

by baldilocks We knew that Hillary Clinton’s server situation was really, really bad. Intentionally, bad. Mind-blowingly bad. How bad was it? The watchdog group Judicial Watch is suing the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) to produce records detailing the FBI response to warnings that a foreign power has comprised then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s … Continue reading Not Russia and Not Trump

Did you secure your phone?

Wait, is that cup of coffee hacking your phone? (image from Wikipedia) If you tell a Marine to secure a phone, he'll probably turn it off and put it in his pocket. When I mention securing a phone, I'm thinking more about making sure it's safe to use from hackers and other people that want … Continue reading Did you secure your phone?

Lenten Reflections 4th Saturday Easy Street

Over the last few days we've talked about the mercy and forgiveness of Christ and how on occasionally faithful Christians will object to this ease of the forgiveness offered by the church. But it's not just the "just" who will object, it is very common for those who have most need of confession to doubt … Continue reading Lenten Reflections 4th Saturday Easy Street