Blame the Silly Seattle Voters for their Snakes

King Richard (in disguise)Oh, now I remember. How does your loyalty to Richard set on a killer of knights, a poacher of the king’s deer and an outlaw?
Robin HoodThose I’ve killed died from misusing the trust that Richard left them. And the worst rogue of these is the king’s own brother.
King RichardOh, then you blame Prince John.
Robin HoodNo, I blame Richard. His task was defending his people instead of deserting them to fight in foreign lands.

The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938

One of the favorite quotes of President is from Al Wilson’s song the Snake whose climax comes when the woman laments the deadly snake biting her after she had nursed it back to health and the snake replies:

Oh shut up, silly woman,” said the reptile with a grin
“You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in

Al Wilson the Snake

This instantly came to mind when I read this story about the oh so woke City Attorney of Seattle and the director of public defense absolutely OUTRAGED over the idea that a plea deal which gave no jail time after a violent assault by a 72 time offender was rejected by a judge who instead gave him the maximum of 364 days in jail saying:

“As a judge, I have a duty and responsibility to protect the citizens of Seattle and impose a sentence that I think is going to provide protection,” McKenna said in court. “I don’t think this court is willing to risk having someone else assaulted.”

The two leveled several accusations against the judge which he categorically denied and were so outrageous that even the Seattle times called them out as BS.

I was mentioning this to a Haitian fellow at work who couldn’t get over the idea of a 72 time offender (14 being felonies) being loose and wondered about what is going on with the government in Seattle my answer was pretty direct. The people of the city were getting the government they deserve.

Seattle isn’t Venezuela, it isn’t China, it isn’t Somalia it isn’t even England at the time of Richard the Lionheart. The voters of Seattle holding free election have put into place the government that has let such things slide for years and have encouraged and enabled this situation. Those same people are regularly given the chance to change this government and have chosen not to even when the situation in the city has become intolerable. How intolerable, as one police officer said:

“People come here because it’s called Free-attle and they believe if they come here they will get free food, free medical treatment, free mental health treatment, a free tent, free clothes and will be free of prosecution for just about everything; and they’re right.”

emphasis mine

When you elect people whose primary purpose is to protect those who prey on you and your city and who publicly state positions along those lines you have no business being angry when they act accordingly.

The people of Seattle has the government and the city they deserve and it will not change until they decide they deserve something different.

It’s on them.

Embrace the Power of NO!

There is actually a very easy way to deal with the insanity of the world today. A way that my parents and their parents understood. A way that leaders like Churchill and Washington and Lincoln understood, a way that is so simple that people once they discover it are amazed at the power it holds.

It is the magic word


When people insist you cancel a speaker at a college, simply say NO! When people insist that you pretend people with penis’ are women say NO! When your child insists that they are a different sex or a superhero or must have the latest toy or else: Say NO!

For two generation this magic word has been shelved by so called adults that didn’t want to admit that they had grown older. They wanted to be not the parents to their children or the teacher to their students, they wanted to be their FRIENDS. And because their goal was the approval of their charges rather than their protection or education they granted every wish, gave a trophy to every performance and eliminated any objective standard by which their charges might challenge themselves, to the point where now THEIR charges don’t know how to deal with their own children or charges that make demands on them.

NO can save your budget, NO can protect your kids and charges from danger and when backed up by security and law, for example arresting prosecuting and expelling students that commit violent acts or disrupt speeches NO can instantly bring perspective to someone who has never had to deal with rejection.

It works on a national scale as well. Look at the Democrats in the senate who were desperate to stop Kavanaugh, desperate to remove Trump and desperate to stop the president from filling positions in the judiciary. Each time they screamed and shouted and the media amplified their voice, yet each time, instead of caving Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell said NO!.

Look at Iran, Look at Syria, Look at North Korea, look at the Palestinians, how the willingness to say NO has allowed us to get places that people said were too dangers, were impossible.

And most importantly look at the cities that have been unable to say NO! to activists, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and ask yourself if you can’t afford a wall and/or gate around your house and a bodyguard if that is where you would want to live.

To be sure there might be some short terms costs to saying NO! Those who have never been refused before will be shocked, may throw tantrums, may at times react completely unhinged.

But remember the choice is stark, You can either be a subject to others whims or be free. It is no coincidence that those who have been able to secure freedom for the most people, Washington , Lincoln and Churchill were all willing to say NO! to great tyranny

So learn to say no to these petty tyrants, and free yourself and them.