Lenten Reflections 5th Wednesday of Lent: Yet!

One of the hardest things about doing the Lenten Reflections series is that it’s not a “planned” series in that I had a set of ideas ready to roll.

So yesterday around noon after writing two pieces about the Joe Biden (that will run later today and tomorrow) went downstairs commenting to DaWife that I had finished my writing through Thursday but after had absolutely nothing for a Lenten reflection today (which frankly isn’t bad after four solid weeks). At this point she turned to me and said one word:


How perfect is this answer? So often we let ourselves get discouraged when we don’t see results of our prayers and devotions.

But it’s important to remember that God works in his time not ours and as he perceives time differently than we do he perceives the right time.

May we have the patience and faith that God will provide what we need, in time.