Lenten Reflections 5th Friday of Lent: The Light of Truth.

Yesterday we talked about the myth or relativism and today I want to talk about a phrase that is my Pastor’s favorite. Seeing yourself in the Light of Truth.

One of the things about truth is that it’s not relative. (It’s no coincidence that God’s name is I AM) and one of the great facts of the universe is that while we will always try to put on our best face before men no matter what facade we make place before us God always sees us as we actually are.

There is of course nothing wrong with putting our best foot forward but there is always the danger that such a facade will be used to fool ourselves.

Just as a person who is sick won’t recover if a Doctor says their fine when they’re not neither can we recover from our sins if pretend they aren’t there and fail to seek the mercy of God.

This Lent let’s resolve to see ourselves in the light of truth and then act accordingly.