Lenten Reflections 5th Monday in Lent: Hidden Treasures

We talked a bit about some of the false memes concerning the church that are advanced by those who oppose it, The other side of that coin are things done in the name of the church that get ignored. Two examples:

In Worcester MA there is a place called Visitation House that takes in homeless pregnant women providing housing and teaching life skills for these poor women to help them be capable of caring for their child

Also in Worcester within sight of Planned Parenthood are the offices of Problem Pregnancy. They provide whatever it take to allow a women to keep her child from the rent, to a ticket home to a replacement washing machine for one that’s broken. they somehow find the cash to get it done.

And way down south in North Carolina stands Belmont Abby College has a program where pregnant college students can get housing, tuition and child care for up to a year and a half so that such students can keep their baby without sacrificing their education.

All of these programs are run without a penny of Government money and it’s very likely that none of you have heard about them.

After the 5th Sunday in Lent there is a tradition of covering up statues of the saints and the crucifixes hiding these treasures, but for my money the real hidden treasures of the church are the organizations like these who do spectacular work within our communities without fanfare and without publicity to do God work.