Visitation House 15th Anniversary Brunch June 2nd Catholic Men’s Conference 2019

One of the regular lies of the pro-death left is that pro-life people don’t care about children and mothers once a child is born. For 15 years Visitation House puts the lie to this nonsense.

Their site is here from the front page:

Are you pregnant? Considering an abortion alternative? Need a caring home to nurture you and your growing baby? We welcome pregnant women from all walks of life who have nowhere to go

And the need for such a place is huge again from their site

…a group of social service providers and active pro-life advocates assembled at the request of now retired Bishop Daniel P. Reilly to study the need and feasibility of such a home for pregnant women. The committee found that Problem Pregnancy, a local crisis pregnancy center, receives 6 requests per week for emergency housing. They surveyed other social service providers who reported more than 100 requests from pregnant women for housing each year.

Because of their homelessness, lack of support and feelings of alienation, these women were largely choosing abortion as the only viable option. In the face of these statistics and with the support of Bishop Reilly, Bishop Emeritus, this group of Ruth’s friends established Visitation House, Inc., as a non-profit corporation

And for fifteen years they have been filling those needs

You would think an organization completely funded by donations of individuals taking in poor pregnant women to help them might be newsworthy, particularly if they’ve managed to do it for fifteen years but to do so would put the media narrative about life in danger and alas the narrative comes before all.

That incidentally is why the last and shortest interview I did at the 2019 Catholic Men’s Conference comes first and is worthy to be the Monday lede on the blog.

This is the spot where I usually have my Tip Jar Pitch and it’s been a lean year around here so far, but if you’ve got a few dollars to spare today I think Visitation House is worth it.