muellermaddness, fight415, aclu, Chicago and Israeli Elections Under the Fedora

I’ve written very little about politics lately as I’ve been concentrating on my Lenten Reflections and my interviews from the Catholic Men’s Conference so here are a few thoughts on what’s going on.

I’m completely amazed at the left’s inability to abandon the Mueller Report. The longer it keeps going on the more likely the revelation are to hurt the people behind this witch hunt rather than Trump. It’s like a person who is losing big at a casino. The realize the best move is to get up and admit they blew their last three paychecks but the prospect of facing that fact is so bad they go on until they can’t pay the mortgage.

Reading story after story about job losses in places where the “fight for fifteen” was “won” it hits me that these folks are damn lucky that this is going on in the Trump economy which is growing enough to mask some of the consequences of these idiotic decisions. Can you imagine how bad this would be if these guys were dealing with this in the Obama economy?

The racism of this story concerning the ACLU warning: “immigrants and people of color to use extreme caution when traveling to Florida.” is breathtaking. Imagine the assumptions the ACLU and it’s supporters must have about immigrants and people of color if they figure forcing cities and town into enforcing federal law puts them in danger.

Stacy McCain has a question for the congressman congressman who publicly called the fraternal order of police “The sworn enemy of black people” concerning the 100 (as of this writing) people murder in the windy city this year.

Who is killing all these people in Chicago? Is it racist cops? Is it deranged Trump supporters?

The fact that American Blacks have been willing to continually vote race bating Demagogues like this into power for so long never ceases to surprise me.

Finally by the time you read this we will know if Benjamin Netanyahu, will win a record 5th term as Israel’s PM, but this piece at NBC indicates that no matter what happens Bibi has won:

It’s not about security. A broad consensus prevails on policies that might address the challenges posed by Iran, Syria and Hezbollah.

It’s not about the economy. People have their bread-and-butter complaints, but the 
Israeli economy continues its impressive growth, outperforming most Western economies over the last decade.

certainly not about the Palestinians. No mainstream candidate is challenging the consensus that there is no Palestinian partner; neither has the prospect of resuming negotiations with the Palestinians or working towards a two-state solution been a campaign talking point.

None of these statements were true when he was 1st elected and the fact that at the very least the 1st and 3rd points from this list will remain true no matter what the result is a testament to Bibi’s greatest achievement, forcing Israel into facing reality.