Lenten Reflections 6th Friday in Lent: …but only just

Yesterday we noted that one of the lies of the Devil is that one is too far gone to repent but noted that while rejecting that lie that we don’t fall for the trap that comes with it, namely thinking we have forever to return to God.

We don’t.

We have our lifetime to come back to God but we don’t know how long that lifetime will be. We don’t know if it’s decades, or years, or months, days, hours or minutes. In fact if you are reading this post there is the possibility that you won’t live to finish reading it.

The fact is we are mortal, we are always a heart attack, a seizure or an accident away from meeting our maker. We are on borrowed time from the moment we come out of our womb and before we know it the clock will run out.

The Devil doesn’t have to keep us from repentance forever, he just has to keep us from doing it NOW because was long as we don’t repent NOW he’s got us.

Let us take advantage of Lent while we have it and repent now because while we have the rest of our lives to return to the Lord, we don’t have a moment longer.