About the Coup Attempt

The biggest -Gate yet by baldilocks Worse than Watergate, indeed.  In 1972, Republicans were caught using former CIA operatives to spy on their political rivals. In 2016, Democrats have now been caught using active FBI and senior Department of Justice employees to spy on President Trump. It is no longer debatable whether or not it happened, because A. G. … Continue reading About the Coup Attempt

Why Disney is dark

Because we want girls to expose as much skin as possible to men they know nothing about...sounds like a strip club to me! (Image from IMDB) Disney's stock price has jumped up, largely based on the announcement that it would launch its new streaming service. While parents everywhere are probably rejoicing, we should take a … Continue reading Why Disney is dark

Lenten Reflections Sixth Saturday of Lent A good “Tip”

When I was younger one of my favorite books was Tip O'Neill's Autobiography Man of the House. There is a lot of great stuff in it but the bit that sticks in my head the most is a piece of advice that a young Tip received from Boston's famous or infamous mayor James Michael Curley … Continue reading Lenten Reflections Sixth Saturday of Lent A good “Tip”