Lenten Reflections Sixth Tuesday of Lent: Ordinary

Yesterday we talked about how Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are ordinary days in terms of what goes on with the Church in Holy Week that Jesus’ acts during those days were significant, but there is another aspect of this that’s worth mentioning as Lent nears its end. The fact that these last days of lent mimic real life.

As a rule life is pretty ordinary. We get up, we go to work , we eat and sleep things happen as they always do…right up until they don’t as alas the people of Paris discovered yesterday.

As a rule a crisis or an emergency doesn’t advertise itself, one day things are completely normal and the next life is in an uproar and Notre Dame burns.

This is why Jesus reminds us to be prepared, be watchful because we don’t know the day or the hour. If we build up a good spiritual base, through prayer and the sacraments we will be ready when ordinary days become times of crisis.

May we learn from our devotions this Lenten season as it nears its end to be prepared spiritually for all the world will throw at us.