Easter Triduum Reflections Good Friday, Picking up your Check

While the Easter Vigil of Holy Saturday is the biggest mass of the year Good Friday is the most solemn day in the Christian Calendar, it is when it comes down to it not just the Reason for the Season of Lent, but it’s the reason for everything, but because it is so solemn we sometimes don’t really appreciate what it means, so here is an explanation that I think hits the nail on the head.

Picture the day you got your 1st credit card (I got mine in 1981 to buy a VCR for $500) or your 1st loan and remember that 1st time when you were responsible for your own bills.

Now picture the 1st time you got a bill that you had to pay but were short, remember how worried you were, how embarrassed you were, how horrible the thought of that debt had become and pouring your heart out about it to a friend who then suddenly takes that bill and says: “I’ll get that but be careful next time.”

Now picture that someone doing that every time that happens for the rest of your life. That’s what Christ does for you today, but not just for you, picture Christ doing that for every single man and woman who ever lived.

How much blood sweat and tears would such a man have to expend to do this?

That answer is given every good Friday and is why the movie the Passion of the Christ is so painful to watch. In every blow, every gash, every bit of pain and every drop of blood Christ is looks at us and our sins and says without complaint and says: “I’ll get that.”

May we appreciate that sacrifice for what it is and pursuant to the Lenten season just ended repent. Even more importantly may we have the wisdom to avoid the Devil’s prideful trap urging us to reject Christ’s sacrifice and say: “No I’ve got this.”