Earth Day – A progressive holy day overflowing with propaganda

Once again this year I failed to observe Earth Day.  I take great pride in having ignored Earth Day every year since I was forced take part in the festivities while in school. I’ve never been a fan of paganism or Marxist indoctrination which is why this whole Earth Day thing never appealed to me.

This Breitbart article called Earth Day and the Sustainable Resource Of Guilt captures the essence of one of the most sacred days for those who practice the religion of progressivism.

Time for another Earth Day, the holy day of the official state religion America isn’t supposed to have. It’s not a holiday observed out of deference to a great religious tradition, as is Christimas, which the Left has been striving mightily to shear of its theological significance and hijack as a generic year-end celebration. Everywhere from media to public education, Earth Day is venerated as part of a mandatory faith, which no one is permitted to doubt or oppose.

This Mises Institute article Earth Day Group Think discusses in great detail the many fallacies associated with Earth Day that are crammed down the throats of school children. 

This weekend, Americans celebrate another Big Lie, this one having to do with Earth Day. (Perhaps we should call it, “Worship the Earth Day.”) Schoolchildren who “celebrate” this day by doing deeds of recycling and writing letters to politicians begging them to “save the earth” are told that all of us are in immediate peril unless the government acts quickly. Any environmental improvements that we have seen since the inception of Earth Day 30 years ago are due solely to the Environmental Protection Agency and environmental activists.

These next quotes capture the fundamental mistruths at the core of Earth Day.

Like all stories of salvation by government, this one comes loaded with propaganda of the sort that would have given Goebbels pride of authorship…The first lie is that unless government imposes socialist measures, we will drown in our own wastes or suffocate as deforestation and global warming slowly suffocate us. Each generation, interestingly, has predicted some sort of environmental catastrophe.

The second Big Lie is that without the EPA, America’s rivers would be flaming sewers and life as we knew it most likely would have disappeared. The EPA is seen as the regulatory “thin, blue line” that separates the civilized world from chaos.

The commonly held belief is that there were no attempts to control emissions into the air and water until President Richard Nixon and Congress created the EPA. In fact, people had long acted both through the courts and through the legislatures to deal with pollution problems.

The most effective tool was the appeal to property rights as protected by common law. Citizens who found their property and personal health damaged by nearby factories could find redress from the courts and often were successful.

In fact, the destruction of private property rights and the metamorphosis of private property into common property has been a central reason why industrial pollution had reached nearly intolerable levels in some municipalities by 1970.

This Townhall article It’s Time to Abandon Earth Day sets the record straight about the true solutions to the problems of pollution and environmental destruction

Contrary to the erroneous beliefs of some, the drivers of progress were not Earth Day awareness or Hippie platitudes. Rather, they were freedom and capitalism—and the many benefits of these principles.

The facts speak for themselves: The reduction in extreme poverty worldwide is the result of free-market policies.

Greater wealth means improvements on every indicator. There is an extremely strong correlation between declining child morality and per capita income. Wealthier countries have more resources to allocate for cleaner air and water, better education, improved housing and so much more.

This one fact alone about the founder of Earth Day from this Daily Caller article should have ended this nonsense a long time ago.

Environmental activist and self-proclaimed Earth Day co-founder Ira Einhorn had a dark side. Einhorn was found guilty of murdering his ex-girlfriend and stuffing her “composted” body inside a trunk