Under the Fedora Tales of the Clown Car

I understand that in a field of 19+ candidates one has to stand out somehow but can someone explain to me why Pete Buttigieg, national campaign theme seems to be “I’m as Gay as they get.”

I take it as a given that heterosexuality does not automatically make one better qualified to make tax policy, foreign policy or immigration policy. If someone can explain to me how sodomy makes one better qualified to to do so I’d be delighted to hear it.

Now ironically “Mayor Pete” did manage to differentiate himself from the democrat hoard by the simple act of saying that making sure a terrorist bomber has the right to vote from prion is insanity.

That he was the only one willing to speak such an obvious truth speaks volumes about the Democrat field.

It’s rather amazing the effect of speaking the truth can be. When Bernie Sanders 1st make this statement Kamila Harris was quick to stand behind him. Once someone was willing to say otherwise she turned tail and ran for the hills.

This is the woman that the left thinks should be running the country. I’ll say this for Sanders he’s a dangerous nut but at least he means it.

Senator Warren is now proposing student loan amnesty. Let me ask a basic question. If you are a student with debt, why would you even consider paying another penny of it when you think that the federal government will forgive it all in a year or two.

the “official” Joe Biden announcement keeps getting pushed back and I have the funny feeling that this isn’t over the groping stuff but over the Mueller stuff.

After all if it’s revealed that the last administration broke a ton of laws the there is going to have to be a scapegoat and it sure in hell isn’t going to be the 1st black president of the US even if he did bring the Chicago way to DC.

I think Biden is going to be the fall guy here and when Trump is done beating him like a drum over all the Obama economic and foreign policy disasters he’ll finish him off with Mueller.

Finally ask yourself this question concerning the Democrat field. Forgetting the insane policies, the socialism, the pandering, the cultural madness and even the support for some of the worst dictators past and future and ask this: Who among the bunch is actually a leader? A person who can inspire other to follow?

Of the crew Sanders is the only one who comes close. The rest of them all look small next to Trump.