We’re All Making History

by baldilocks A tad morbid, but this is something to consider, and not just with Facebook. The number of dead Facebook users could outnumber the living by 2070, leaving a vast archive of such historical importance that archivists should be brought in to conserve the data, Oxford University has said. Currently the global social media site … Continue reading We’re All Making History

Russia playing the spoiler

Kazakhstan...as always, squished. The news broke recently about Russian President Putin meeting with Kim Jong Un to discuss peace on the Korean peninsula. That move is less about peace on the peninsula and more about denying President Trump a foreign policy victory in Korea. With upcoming elections, President Trump needs all the wins he can … Continue reading Russia playing the spoiler

John Adams on the so called Pre-Trump Days of Comity

One of the things that reading history does is give one a perspective on reality (which is why the left is so keen to erase it) and nothing does this better than to read the words of people from the past as they were One such example of this is John Adams letter to William … Continue reading John Adams on the so called Pre-Trump Days of Comity