Big Left Herds Its Enemies

Meaning you

by baldilocks

The Social Media conservative purges are part of an overarching attack by the Organized Left against all non-leftists who express unapproved thought. You will be made to STFU — or such is the goal.

They want the money you already have.

From 2018.

It was the SPLC’s ongoing slander of the David Horowitz Freedom Center (DHFC) as “white supremacist” and of myself as “the godfather of the anti-Muslim movement in America” that gave MasterCard the green light to recently stop processing all online donations to the Freedom Center. SPLC had previously tried to get organizations like Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter to ban DHFC from their respective platforms, as well. The effort failed at these organizations but worked at Mastercard and Visa.

Though MasterCard and Visa are separate companies, they act as a cartel; when MasterCard cuts someone off, Visa immediately follows and vice versa. And that is what happened a week ago when Mastercard — relying on the lies propagated by the SPLC — took the lead in trying to cut off the lifeblood of the Freedom Center by refusing to process its online donations.

They want to keep you from making money.

[T]he partners at my firm called me into a meeting.  Some corporate clients, they said, complained about my political views [on Twitter] and stated that they could no longer do business with the firm if I remained there.  It was them or me, and the firm chose them.  My bosses were gracious about it.  They complimented my work and allowed me time to stay on and find new employment, but I was still fired.

Last week, the Poynter Institute provided a list of 515 news/opinion websites to the world, claiming that all of the sites are unreliable for various reasons. Most of the sites are conservative-leaning. PI has since taken down the list, citing “weakness in the methodology.”

What was especially alarming to many critics of the list, in addition to questioning the decision to include certain websites, was that language in the accompanying story called for advertisers to use the index to “blacklist” sites in the hopes of driving them out of business.

Emphasis mine.

Oh, and did I mention that an SPLC flunky was responsible for compiling the list?

You’ll note that both Master Card and the Poynter Institute backed off. But they won’t stay back. It will be tried again.

Broke and silent about it; that’s how they want us.

It’s a war of attrition and the enemy seems all-powerful. But don’t be scared or silent. Giants can be defeated, as history shows.

God rewards boldness.

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