Gosnell Movie and The Real Trump Superpower

Today I want to talk about Trump’s super power which is illustrated by a story from a few weeks ago.

Most Americans don’t know the story of Kermit Gosnell.

I suspect The fans of abortion in the media/left didn’t push his work when he was active because they wanted to portray abortion as something it wasn’t. They didn’t want to highlight his arrest because they didn’t want to suggest that there was anything unsafe going on in “clinics” and that they were not “safe”. They didn’t bother to attend his trail because they didn’t want to elevate his actions to a national story and when a movie was made about America’s most prolific serial killer they did all they could to make sue it got no promotion, no air time and no attention.

Their efforts were very effective. The story of Kermit Gosnell would disappear and the movie would be just another in the tens of thousands in the Amazon catalog that only the occasional pro-life person might notice.

And then Donald Trump did this:

The suggested movie was no ordinary film, though. It was “Gosnell,” a film based on the true story of the Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, who was convicted in 2013 for performing illegal late-term abortions and the first-degree murder of three infants. The movie, which debuted last fall, contains descriptions of abortions by a man it calls “America’s biggest serial killer.”
And while critics 
say the movie misleadingly suggests that the criminal Gosnell is typical of legitimate abortion providers, it has found a receptive audience at the Trump White House, which has recently increased its engagement with the anti-abortion community.
“It’s a compelling story,” said a senior White House official who attended the November meeting.

That’s Politico forced to cover this event and notice the spin they give. Mollie Hemmingway did

Alas for Politico and company, thanks to Donald Trump they suddenly had to talk about both a story and a movie that they thought was past them:

What is especially hideous is that Gosnell was unapologetic. And today, even with the evidence shown through the trial, the leftist media is still all in for killing babies. According to Slate, because conservatives love it, it should never be seen, not even in the White House.
“The White House Is Hosting a Screening of the Gory Anti-Abortion Film Gosnell”
Cute headline isn’t it? That’s not all. 
Slate implies that this is a gesture of support at a time when New York, Virginia, and other states are passing laws (heinous evil ones) that allow late-term abortions even when the babies have already been born.

Even worse for the left the nature of the act forced both the Slate and the Politico stories to mention the movie Unplanned still at the secondary box office despite all media efforts to stop it.

This is the real power of this President when the media builds walls to protect a story from national notealong comes Donald Trump to say the words Katie Steinle and the walls come tumbling down.