Bernie and Superdelegates, Media Creations, Greenwald, Faith and Sanity, Five Election 2020 Thoughts Under the Fedora

Why do I have the feeling that the primary reason why there are 20+ Democrat candidates with more encouraged to enter every day was the desire to make sure that the vote was split enough so that Bernie couldn’t win on the 1st ballot where the Super Delegates aren’t allowed to vote.

What do Elizabeth Warren, Beto O’Rourke, Pete Butigieg have in common? All of them are media creations who all can be un-created at a moments notice if said media thinks it serves the cause of defeating Republicans in general and Trump in particular.

They are slowly discovering this and I must admit it’s a bit of fun seeing it happen.

Over at Battleswarm (still the best place to look at this race) Lawrence Peterson notes that Glenn Greenwald’s interview with Tulsi Gabbard. The key excerpt for me is here

Gabbard has compiled a record on domestic policy questions that places her squarely within the left populist wing of the party — from advocating Medicare for All, a national $15 an hour minimum wage, various free college programs, and even participating in anti-pipeline Standing Rock protests in North Dakota. Yet her aggressive criticisms of the pieties of the bipartisan foreign policy community — particularly her harsh criticism of regime change operations from Iraq and Libya, to Syria and Venezuela, and her warnings about escalating tensions with Russia and China and the dangers of a “new Cold War” — have further cemented her status as party outsider and heretic from the perspective of Washington Democratic insiders.

While this tells us something interesting about Gabbard it in my mind is an important reminder to us on the right about Greenwald.

Greenwald has suddenly gotten a lot of credibility on the right for his attacks on the absurd Russian collusion fantasy of the left and takedown of the journalist practices or lack thereof by those advancing this BS for political grounds and that is all well and good but it’s worth noting that he would be writing the very same thing and making the very same arguments if the Trump collusion business was Gospel truth.

Greenwald has always been on the side of any nation that the US is in conflict with. It just so happens that in this case the facts on the ground corresponds to the narrative hew would like to advance.

Gabbard comes from the Ron Paul school of non-intervention that combined with her occasional willingness to defend dictators naturally makes her a Greenwald favorite.

Tim Ryan’s sudden discovery a few years ago once he decided he wanted national office, abortion isn’t all that bad is a pet peeve of mine. That a person would willingly sell his soul for a seat in congress amazes me and tells he doesn’t actually believe. The real question is did he never believe and make a pretense of belief for the sake of statewide office or did he decide that his faith was not as valuable as national ambitions in the Democrat party.

Either way what a great example for his kids

Finally the fact that Joe Biden is leading among Democrats is a very good sign that we are not in fact heading toward civil war.

Biden of course is a career pol as corrupt and as dishonest as they come who was part of arguably the worst administration that has ever walked the halls of the White House who I suspect got the job because he met the primary qualification of being Hillary Clinton.

But in the end while he says most if not all of the insane things of the rest of the Democrat field to get votes most Democrats believe he in not an insane socialist and is simply lying to get their votes and if it keeps insane woke socialists who will turn their cities into Seattle out of the White House that’s fine with them.

Biden is living proof that Glenn Reynolds reverse Iceberg theory of social media 90% of their actual power visible is true.

I think it would be a neat trick for any of these people to beat Trump, particularly in this economy but unlike last time the left will take him seriously so the President will have to win beyond the margin of fraud