You Will Be Made Accountable For Your Voting Choices

As soon as you are disarmed

by baldilocks

No member of my family would dream of doing this to me. Well, they might dream about it, but they’d leave it there.

Your family members might be different.

From Matthew A. Sears at the Washington Post.

Too often, we see supposed moderate Republicans, most of whom really voted for Trump, throw up their hands in the face of Trump’s excesses, and evade suggestions that they should take a lead role in resisting Trump, including at the ballot box. We should challenge such duplicity early and often. I’d go so far as to say we should call out our otherwise pleasant relatives who support odious candidates. Have an aunt who voted for Steve King? Let her know that she enables white supremacy [sic]. After all, if voters have great power — which they do, at least on paper — it follows they should also share at least some responsibility for what those they elect do.

Jazz Shaw:

All Sears is doing here is trying to take credit for the public gang behavior that poutraged liberals have already been engaging in when they attempt to chase conservative public figures out of restaurants or other public spaces.

As many have observed, entities of the Organized Left are continuously trying to drive wedges between different sets of Americans, including family members. Every now and then — usually on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas in the last few years, but not this time — the task falls to some Organized Left dogsbody to write a piece suggesting that an SJW confront her Republican auntie – who’s probably a veteran and just wants to get her turkey dinner, booze, and football festivities on and is in no mood to be harangued by her sister’s know-nothing millennial brat. (Side note: said brat probably doesn’t even know how to cook.)

The guy calling for “accountability” is a professor of the classics. Gives his suggestion some intellectual heft, don’t you think? Nah, me neither.

Maybe this latest wedge-driving is intended to “spice up” some Memorial Day barbecues!

Anyway, Sears’ and his ilk simply want to plant alienation among kin, because alienation leads to weakness and to despair.

Weakness and despair are what a combatant wants its adversary to have and to feel. And these combatants will keep trying to roll those grenades into your tent.

But each of us has the power to roll it back out before it explodes.

And enjoy dinner afterward.


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