Um, Germany?

by baldilocks

World War II Army of Occupation Medal. One of the criteria: stationed in then West Berlin between 1946 and 1989. I am a recipient.

Courtesy of the USAF, I spent most of the late 1980s in Berlin, Germany, making a good amount of memories and many friends who are still my friends as I type this. My sister even met my brother-in-law — the latter was also in the USAF — when she came to visit me there.

I had considered going back for a visit, but decided against it for several reasons, one of which is personal.

And here’s one of the not-so-personal reasons why I won’t go back.

In a dramatic announcement, the German government’s commissioner to combat antisemitism, Felix Klein, said on Saturday that the country’s Jewish community should avoid wearing kippot in public because of rising antisemitism.

Klein is the first federal government representative to declare that Jews cannot practice their religion in public spaces because of the dangers in Germany. (…)

The German federal ministry of the interior said there was a 20% increase in antisemitic crimes in the country last year. The interior ministry and security agencies frequently conflate radical Islamic antisemitic attacks with extreme right-wing incidents against Jews.

According to the interior ministry, right-wing [sic] extremists committed 90% of the 1,800 incidents in 2018. The real number of Islamic-animated antisemitic attacks in Germany is not well documented due to authorities characterizing Islamic antisemitism as right-wing antisemitism.

Emphasis mine. Germany’s Commission to Combat Antisemitism was created last year.

And it appears that this “combat” needs to begin with the country’s elected officials.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has refused to ban the entire antisemitic terrorist organization Hezbollah in Germany. Hezbollah has at least 950 operatives in Germany, according to 2018 intelligence reports reviewed by The Jerusalem Post.

Don’t forget to read the part about Berlin’s present mayor.

I’m old enough to remember when Israel’s Knesset invited Mrs. Merkel to address that body.

Back then, some of the Knesset members refused to attend the address because it was given in the “language of the murderers.” Seemed unreasonable at the time. Now? Prescient.

Germans are known for their efficiency, which is how we know that these commissions, councils and laws they create to “combat” the problem are window-dressing in lieu of actual combat. If they really wanted to stop antisemitism in their country, it would be over with yesterday.

This is intentional. And that’s why it will get worse there.

It seems that it didn’t take very long for the Germans to revert following the end of occupation by the USA, the UK, France and even by the old USSR. The last time persecution ramped up against the Jews, the Germans handled the dirty work themselves, mostly. This time, they’ve brought in “contractors.”

So, no, I won’t be going back to Germany. My memories will have to be enough.

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