How Bad is LA?

Visual representation of the reporting on the homelessness and disease problems in Los Angeles. It’s not this serious. Yet.

by baldilocks

Originally posted as a Twitter thread — with a little expansion. 

From my good friend Stephen Green aka the Vodkapundit:

In your typical Third-World megalopolis, basic city functions fall into disrepair, while once-eradicated diseases run rampant — and the local bigwig boasts about saving the world.

Los Angeles is quickly becoming a typical Third-World megalopolis, and the rest of the state isn’t far behind.

Yesterday the New York Post reported “rats running everywhere among piles of decaying garbage,” in a “sprawling 50-block area that is believed to be the base for around 4,200 homeless people.”

Local columnist Steve Lopez called his city a “giant trash receptacle” and asked, “Did someone turn back the calendar a few hundred years?” No, Steve, the city government turned hard left is all.

That last part started a long time ago.

So where did all that trash come from? Los Angelenos are dumping it out in the streets — and the city isn’t collecting it. Two weeks ago Fox News reported that the problem goes back at least to last October, when the city noticed nine cases of typhus. The city “cleaned up some of the worst piles of garbage,” but then they slacked right back off. The huge pile returned quickly, but officials at first said that it “could take up to 90 days before it’s cleaned up.

I live in LA, but I’m not seeing much of this. Trash still gets collected twice a week around here. Many of the reports and nearly all of the linked media on the alleged rising disaster here in LA are focused on Downtown’s Skid Row. But that area has been a hotbed of noisome pestilence for a very long time.

I suppose that, with the homeless population growing there, the refuse level is rising and affecting all of downtown. That’s still a very small part of LA.

That said, I’ve stayed away from DTLA ever since my church moved from there to Glendale.

I guess what I’m saying is that much of the reportage seems overblown, from where I sit as a native and long-time resident of this city.

Maybe it’s a factor of the part of LA in which I live: Koreatown. Very few visible homeless. From what little I know of Korean culture, they seem less than sympathetic towards the homeless. Not a criticism; just an observation. I spend a lot of time in a small part of Glendale and there’s no evidence of a crisis there either. Armenians, Persians, and Russians; might be a factor of those cultures as well.

In other words, I’m not above the notion that my perspective about the problem may be skewed.

But I can say this for certain: the entirety LA has not become some horrid fantasy combo of trash and cooties, though I don’t doubt that some parts of my city have devolved. That’s how Democrats run their cities.

“Why don’t you go out and see for yourself and report?” I hear some of you say.

Well, I will … as soon as I get to the VA and get some shots. I try not to tempt God and I’m not interested in paying with my life for being wrong about the magnitude of the homeless problem here.

By the way, the type of reporting I plan is why the Magnificent Seven exists in the first place.

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