Why So Many in the University Left NEED D-Day Forgotten

Yesterday I came home pissed. For what has been seemingly the umpteenth time in the last several months at work the stuff I left in the fridge or freezer had been raided. As the only white non-Spanish or Portuguese speaking American man in building not in management and seemingly the only person this has been … Continue reading Why So Many in the University Left NEED D-Day Forgotten

What’s On My Mind

You got me goin' ... We live in a fundamentally gutless society; one in which bullies, be they in person or merely in cyberspace, are quite used to getting their way as others crumble underneath the veneer of maintaining civility. As previously noted, the Bard’s words have de-evolved into “cry outrage! and let slip the … Continue reading What’s On My Mind

The Miracle that was D-Day

Since this week’s article fell on the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings I decided to make my article about that miraculous event.  Calling D=Day a miraculous event is not an overstatement. During the first 24 hours of the invasion the entire operation very nearly spiraled out of control into an absolute disaster many times.  … Continue reading The Miracle that was D-Day