What’s On My Mind

You got me goin’ …

We live in a fundamentally gutless society; one in which bullies, be they in person or merely in cyberspace, are quite used to getting their way as others crumble underneath the veneer of maintaining civility. As previously noted, the Bard’s words have de-evolved into “cry outrage! and let slip the tweets of butthurt.” There is no permissible variance from groupthink. All practices, policies, and platforms must be one. Any who disagree in the least must be not only muted, but utterly destroyed.

We have seemingly infinite discussion of that about which exists infinitesimal genuine knowledge. The world has embraced the myth of gentle Jesus meek and mild. It ignores the reality of the Man Who physically drove the moneychangers from the temple. So much of the world acts as though a guaranteed win is ensured by bringing Marquess of Queensberry rules to a street fight, when this fails responding by simultaneously doubling down on the employed strategy while lashing out at those ostensibly on their side who dare to point out they’re doing it wrong. Very, very wrong.

We also live in a society of sacrosanct self–identity; one in which the evidence of a life poorly lived is conveniently whisked away in favor of proclaiming the glory that each individual declares himself or herself to be, not who their actions demonstrate them to be. Penance has been trivialized to the level of deleting an offensive tweet. The changed life is defined as that which puts the most change in one’s pocket. Monetization of what one professes to oppose is a cottage industry; people preaching to one another and a dwindling choir that is rapidly losing interest.

Each generation forgets that the day is coming when it will be forgotten. The love that brings forth each successive generation remains, but those who gave the love are already turning, or have already turned, into dust. Our time on this earth is finite and fleeting. It should be spent not in frenetic activity trying to accomplish everything that can possibly be accomplished before breakfast, but rather wisely, loving and accepting love in return.

Pardon me my feelings are showing
I’m only saying what’s on my mind