Thoughts Under the Fedora, A Pastor’s Bad Apology, Trump in London, News and Newsworthyness

I was really amazed when I read this:

The pastor of McLean Bible Church apologized for hurting some members of his congregation by praying for President Trump during an unscheduled visit.
Trump visited the northern Virginia church on Sunday on his way back to the White House during a golf outing. His appearance at the church came the same day that evangelist Franklin Graham called for a special day of prayer for Trump.
Pastor David Platt said Trump’s visit was unexpected and he didn’t have time to think through his actions.

That any Christian Pastor would feel the need to apologize to his congregation for praying for ANY person is something I never thought I’d ever hear of and is a reminder that the 1st virtue that a Christian needs to have is courage.

I laughed out loud when I saw this story concerning the Trump London protests

Ranting Corbyn accuses Trump of ‘creating a sense of hate’ – but tens of thousands of protesters FAIL to show up for demonstration against the US President
Tens of thousands of people fail to turn up the anti-Donald Trump ‘carnival of resistance’ in London today
Lacklustre crowd at Parliament Square hears Jeremy Corbyn deliver firebrand speech against Mr Trump 

It brought back memories of my covering candidate Trump in Worcester the 2nd largest city in NE where for a week people were screaming “Protest” and 11 folks showed up

Remember London is the biggest city in the UK and the 3rd largest city in Europe with over 9 million people and this is the best Europe’s NeverTrump can do?

Since I wasn’t there to be called on and ask about the small protest size he had to bring it up himself.

BTW I think it’s a good idea to watch the full press conference rather than the clips. It’s amazing the difference between what you see when you see news as it is very the news as its spun. This is not just true with this particular press conference but with news and events in general. The greatest lesson I learned from covering events both with or without a press pass has been the difference between the reality on the ground and how said reality is spun.

It’s the Democrat/press/media loss of that ability to spin unchallenged by that has been the most important development of the last two decades and is the reason why facebook/ twitter/ google et/all are so desperate to silence the voices the present said challenge.

Speaking of news that doesn’t get covered:

A CATHOLIC NUN was decapitated in a brutal attack during two weeks of violence in the Central African Republic which has killed at least 30 people.
The attacks took place near the town of Paoua, near the border with Chad, this week. A UN spokesperson believes a group called 3R are responsible. They are said to have called a meeting for people in the villages surrounding Paoua, but then killed those who showed up.

There was a time when such a thing happening internationally might have been considered newsworthy in the US and if she had been of the right faith or even the right kind of nun that protests Trump or her killers had been the right color or religion this might have been newsworthy in a US newsroom.

If you really want to understand where this leads. Note this story about a
“Chinese Military insider” talking on the 30th Anniversary of Tiananmen ends its third paragraph with this key sentence:

Ms. Jiang left China this week.

Finally if you want to understand the difference between what a person or a corporation says to the public and what they say in a court under oath under the pains of perjury and fines you can’t do better than this quip concerning a Facebook lawyer in a court appearance on the subject of privacy.

“There is no invasion of privacy at all, because there is no privacy,” Snyder said.
In an attempt to have the lawsuit thrown out, Snyder further claimed that Facebook was nothing more than a “digital town square” where users voluntarily give up their private information.
“You have to closely guard something to have a reasonable expectation of privacy,” Snyder added.
Although Snyder said that the social media site would be focusing more on privacy in the future, U.S. District Court Judge Vince Chhabria reportedly pushed back on Facebook’s argument.
“What you are saying now sounds contrary to the message that Facebook itself disseminates about privacy,” Chhabria said, according to

Or as tech blogger John Gruber quipped, “Get them in court and all of sudden they’re honest.”

There is nothing like consequences to cause folks to come clean.