The Single most amazing (and insulting) line from the Oberlin College story.

There is a lot being written about the Oberlin College verdict awarding Gibson Bakery over 11 million for defamation. The best of it of course coming from the comprehensive coverage of the story by the good folks at Legal insurrection here is nearly full set of links from their site.

Bakery targeted by Oberlin College #BlackLivesMatter fights back 
Oberlin College halted purchases from Gibson’s Bakery targeted by #BlackLivesMatter, but may reconsider
Gibson’s Bakery sues Oberlin College over racial profiling accusations, Oberlin cuts business ties
Oberlin College lashes out at Gibson’s Bakery, portrays itself as victim
Court: Gibson’s Bakery lawsuit against Oberlin College can continue in full
Oberlin College: We can’t get a fair trial in our home county
Judge rejects Oberlin College request to move town-gown lawsuit to another county
Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin College — Trump 2016 win stoked student protests over shoplifting incident day after election
Putting Social Justice Warfare on trial: Gibson’s Bakery lawsuit against Oberlin College heading to trial.
Here are our trial posts:
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Opening Statements: Claims of War and Peace
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Trial Day 4 – As protests grew, Mrs. Gibson was “very nervous and afraid”
Trial Day 5 – 90-year-old Allyn W. Gibson testifies “some threats made to us”
Trial Day 6 – What’s a bakery worth?
Trial Day 7 — Damages Expert says Show Gibson’s The Money!
Trial Day 8 — “my dad was going to pass away labeled as a racist”
Trial Day 9 – “the business never came back”
Defense motion for directed verdict DENIED, case going to the jury
Alumni Weekend – Oblivious alums in for a shock if college loses
Trial Day 10 – It depends upon what the meaning of the word “support” is
Trial Day 11 – Don’t let them eat Gibson’s cake
Trial Day 12 – Defense says Bakery worth only $35k, less than one semester at Oberlin College
Trial Day 13 — Defense expert declares Gibson family 5-generation bakery history “irrelevant”
Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin College trial reflects Higher Ed disconnect from the lives of most Americans
Judge keeps out politics, but Town v. Gown frames the case
Verdict this week?
Closing Argument: “When a powerful institution says you are racist, you are doomed”

Every single bit of it is worth your time but if you really want to to read one paragraph that sums up what was going on at Oberlin College this bit from the 9th day of the trial is it.

What seemed to be the key tipping point for David Gibson and his family was the school ignoring their request for any mention in a letter they were not racist, and the school’s insistence that students be given a “first-time pass” on shoplifting. What that pass meant, according how Gibson testified it was explained to him, was he and other business owners in town would call the school on the first-time a student shoplifted at their store, and then call the police on subsequent thefts.

Let that sink though your head. The bakery was talking to the school trying to defuse the situation and the school demanded that the students going to their $70,000 a year college ( $68,672. to be exact) be given a free pass to steal from their bakery at least once before getting police involved.

and let’s not forget that the would be getting a pass to do more than just steal

That same former Oberlin Police officer, Victor Ortiz, testified that the assault was not something the Gibson’s employee as taking part in, except as the victim of assault. “When we got there, we saw two young ladies standing over [the Gibson employee] and throwing haymakers at him,” he said. “The two women would stand over him and kick him, and then crouch down and throw punches. As we got closer, we could see him on his back, with the male [shoplifter] on top of him and punching him.”

So if Oberlin got their way students from the college robbing a business would face no legal consequences. No word if beating employees of the store getting robbed would still be considered an issue. And what’s worse that’s all based on race.

I’m not a black Man but I am of Sicilian ancestry and we have a history of people thinking of us as a bunch of thugs and as a Sicilian I’d be insulted by the idea that my college thought so little of my character or my ancestry and/or race that they felt the need to give me a mulligan on crime to prevent a racial issue.

There was a time when leaders of the black community would be insulted by the college’s presumption that black students at a 70K a year college have to be protected from themselves when it comes to thievery.

But I guess they don’t make leaders like they used to.

NOTE: Baldilocks will be posting tomorrow morning rather than tonight.

Update: Don Surber notes another important point about this story

Legal Insurrection covered an important national story that the “national” media gave short shrift. They were too busy watching those old Mueller Reports fall.

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