Want to End Big Tech Censorship, Threaten their Intellectual Property Rights

With the latest attempt to silence conservatives like Steven Crowder on the net by Demonetizing their popular channels the question becomes how do we stop this kind of BS.

The 1st way and obvious way is to make the left realize that they are not immune to this stuff (as Lesbians who insist that you have to be an actual woman to be a lesbian have discovered) and that’s effective as far as it goes, but in the end will likely have no result as many on the left will be happy to trade a few folks on their side to keep the right silenced.

Nor is waiting for the inevitable replacement of the current platforms with different ones. (and if you don’t believe that will happen remember there was a time when AOL & IE had a lock on the net tighter than Youtube, Twitter and Facebook) Yes it will in fact happen but not only is the timing uncertain but there is no guarantee that the next great tech platform will not do the same if not worse.

No if you want to get these people, namely the companies that make obscene profits off of what they do the answer is simple. DEMONITIZE THEM. How? By removing their intellectual property rights.

Imagine for a second if there is a rule or regulation that states that if a company like Youtube or Facebook or twitter practices viewpoint discrimination that they forfeit their copyright protection and intellectual property rights on their code? How many seconds will it take for that code to not only be grabbed and disseminated?

Not only will that lead to rival platforms and easy lessons in hacking the existing ones but even worse it will mean that any rival platform will likely be able to improve the existing code.

After all when you have an effective monopoly, the necessity of improving the product decreases tremendously. Give said code to the world and there will be hundreds of coders who will be able to spot flaws and address problems that the existing companies can’t touch as fast.

Folks will scream and shout but I suspect that even the threat of such an action would change the landscape completely not to mention what it would do to their stock price and ask yourself, how many Youtube, Facebook and Twitter folks huge net worth is completely tied to their stock price?

If I’m Trump I make this a part of my re-election campaign now because frankly anyone who thinks the tech giants aren’t going to already use their platforms to try to destroy him are dreaming. All of this from Stacy McCain to Crowder is just the prelude for what will come next year. The fight is already on Trump should take it to them

Or to paraphrase a line from a US congressman concerning German U-Boats hitting our ships while we were not at war. The difference between war and what we have now is we aren’t shooting back.

The threat of such a regulation or law would be Trump’s 1st shot.