What Exactly IS the Right Climate & Temperature for Earth?

“change is the only constant in life.” 

Heraclitus of Ephesus

I mentioned a bit ago a woman a Google who talked about how in just a few years we’d all be dead from Climate change. I’ve also noticed how so many on the left are outraged that the Democrat party is not pushing this narrative.

To all of those people who insist we must keep the Climate from changing I have one question.

What exactly IS the right climate for the planet, and what makes you, a mere mortal who will only be on Earth a few score years out of thousands or millions or billions of years (depending on who you ask) that it has been here, to say what exactly the climate needs to be?

That nobody seems to ask this question answers it

The climate change nonsense is the height of arrogance from people who are looking for purpose and meaning.