Economic Prison Reform, Educational Sacrilege, Straight vs Gay Pride, The Discovery Channel, evidence and Insanity Under the fedora.

Don Surber notes some stats on Prison Reform

“And overall, the average decrease was 73 months said the report, titled U.S. Sentencing Commission First Step Act of 2018 Resentencing Provisions Retroactivity Data Report.”

The average original sentence was 239 months (20 years).

The average new sentence was 166 months (14 years).

The average age of the inmate receiving the reduction was 45.

91.3% of those receiving reductions are black (37.6% of federal inmates are black).

One can argue if this is a good idea or not but real prison reform is an economy so great that companies that would not consider ex-con are employing them in legit work.

That more than lower sentences is President Trump’s real gift to those trying to go straight.

At the AJC they tell a story of a “controversial” professor that speaks bluntly on immigration reform. In my opinion the real thing that makes him “controversial” is this statement that he has for those who dispute his opinions:

Zhou said he has plenty of students who disagree with his viewpoints, some have sent him hate mail. Critics, he said, must come with information to defend their position.
“To make a convincing argument, please present evidence,” Zhou said.

emphasis mine

Imagine insisting on evidence rather than the rants of the woke to establish facts, why it’s contrary to the entire concept of the modern American University!

I’ll say this for the “Straight Pride” folks they certainly have a great sense of humor:

The organization later named Yiannopoulos, who is openly gay, as its grand marshal for the event.
“I might technically be a sequined and perfectly coiffed friend of Dorothy’s, but I’ve spent my entire career advocating for the rights of America’s most brutally repressed identity — straight people — so I know a thing or two about discrimination,” Yiannopoulos 
said in a statement released by the group.

Given that the vast majority of Gay People have straight parents I’d like to know why they don’t think their parents should be proud of themselves, but the real problem they have with a Straight Pride march is that questioning why straight people should take pride in their themselves based on sexual orientation leads to the question as to why gay people should be proud of their own.

This is big

A California judge ruled Friday that a lawsuit accusing Google of employment discrimination against conservatives, males and white people can proceed to the discovery phase. Clara County Superior Court Judge Brian Walsh rejected Google’s motion to dismiss in the class-action lawsuit.

I’m presuming that google is smart enough not to keep the data that discovery would produce but if not the trove is going to be a PR disaster.

If they are really smart they’d settle fast.

Speaking of Google, it’s worth noting that just because someone’s fighting them doesn’t mean they’re sane. Case in point:

In a post at Medium, Claire Stapleton said her decision to resign was based on her expecting another child but also because she was marked for retaliation by department heads after the walkout late last year.
“If I stayed, I didn’t just worry that there’d be more public flogging, shunning, and stress, I expected it,” Stapleton said.
“Life is extremely short and
realistically we only have a couple of years left until the world hurtles into climate apocalypse or some other paroxysm of our own doing.”

Google is lucky in their accusers.