Under the Fedora Extra: Big Papi Shot, Game Seven, Veritas Victory, IRA & Alexa.

Pat Austin is Traveling and will be back next week

David “Big Papi” Ortiz has been shot in the Dominican Republic:

Per the report, Ortiz was shot in a burglary at club in Santo Domingo, and transported to a local hospital. A suspect has been arrested, according to Dominican journalist Jose Monegro.
Ortiz was shot in the lower back, and the bullet exited through his stomach, 
according to ESPN. The 43-year-old is currently in surgery, and reportedly told the emergency room doctor: “Please don’t let me die, I’m a good man.”

Not counting his family, the only people who might be praying harder than Red Sox fans for Big Papi are the Dominican Republic tourism board still reeling from three (now four) different deaths at resorts in the last 30 days.

In lieu of jail time I propose the suspect if convicted be released on the pitchers mound at Fenway park at the end of the seventh inning of “Free Bat Day”.

Went home sick and crashed hard the moment I hit a pillow so I missed the Bruins winning game six of the Stanley Cup finals. I understand the B’s scored the 1st goal on a 5-3 power play. Now I haven’t seen the game or a replay so I don’t know what the calls were that caused having not seen the game or the calls my 1st thought and my gut says the non-call in game five had a lot to do with it. That was not the case. If you want to understand what happened the best analysis I’ve seen has been from The Hockey Guy

If you’re a hockey fan this guy deserves your support.

James O’Keefe has won the civil case against him brought by a woman named Shirley Teeter who incredibly sued him for releasing a video of a Democrat operative stating that she was working for them. The judge made a directed verdict under rule 50 saying a reasonable jury would not find

I keep running that Mike Wallace analogy through my mind. If you made this argument against Mike Wallace would everyone in the room laugh? And with candor Ms. Wells, there are some parts of your argument that if you made this argument about Mike Wallace everyone in the room would laugh

It’s not very common to win a case on rule 50 before it goes to a jury, but the evidence was so weak that it was invoked and the case thrown out. His video on the case is here.

Oddly enough the MSM media wasn’t so concerned with this case concerning press freedoms. I wonder why?

Remember the Obama years when the IRS was weaponized against conservative groups? Well one of those cases finally finished its way through the courts.

The ‘True the Vote’ v. IRS lawsuit has finally come to an end. And it’s being seen as a big victory for freedom in the IRS-Lois Lerner saga in which conservative organizations were targeted and blocked from gaining tax-exempt status to keep them from being involved in the 2012 election. 
This remarkable new ruling by US District Court Judge Reggie Walton was in favor of True the Vote, penalizing the IRS with extensive attorneys fees.
The ruling indicates that, throughout the case, the IRS displayed unconstitutional discrimination and unethical behavior against True the Vote, a group that fights for election integrity. 

It’s been a bad week for those who would use the government or the courts to silence conservative voices.

Finally there is a bit of a fuss about an amazon patent for an “always on” version of Alexa, but I think the whole argument is BS:

Amazon says that it has no current plan to change the way Alexa listens, but bear in mind that the always-on feature can be implemented whether or not it is ever patented. In other words, if the notion of a device that is always awake worries you, the fact that a patent application has been filed shouldn’t cause you to worry more. Any device that listens to you can already be made always-on. (Including, by the way, your smartphone.)

that’s been the reality since the 1st time someone left a device on and connected to the net. People don’t seem to think about that for some reason.