The Irrelevance of Presidential Likability

by baldilocks From a recent conversation: Them: “I didn’t vote for President Obama either time. You know that. But I like him.” Me: “Really?” Them: “I can’t stand Trump! I know you’re on the Trump Team.” The Trump Team? We’re on teams now? Me: “I’m not on the ‘Trump Team.’ I’m on the side of … Continue reading The Irrelevance of Presidential Likability

Hubris and impeachment

Jumping on the impeachment bandwagon, The New York Times has allowed a 20-something editorial assistant to argue for the House to present a bill of particulars against President Trump. In one of the worst journalistic offenses in recent months, DaTimes allowed Ian Prasad Philbrick to create the news organization’s own articles of impeachment based on those … Continue reading Hubris and impeachment