The Democrat 1%ers Counting on the Reaper?

Sir Humphrey Appleby: In any case the dean hasn’t done enough public service to qualify for Berry St Edmonds [diocese Bishop].

The Bursar of Bailey College: Are they’re any other dioceses coming free?

Sir Humphrey Appleby: Well it doesn’t happen very often. And the older apointees don’t have to retire at 60 or anything. Bishops tend to have long lives. Apparently the Lord is all that keen for them to join him.

Yes Prime Minister The Bishop’s Gambit 1986

When looking at the polling for president among the 20+ Democrats running one wonders why folks polling 1% are staying in given that Biden and Bernie are both ahead of them all by double digits.

The answer can be given in three digits 153

That is their combined ages.

One of the things that age does to you is it make you notice all the people who die who are around your age or younger. Yesterday I attended the funeral of my son’s friend father. He was 50 and that made me think.

Lucky for Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders both more than 25 years older than he was a campaign is a very busy business which leave you little time to check out the obits because if they did they’d see plenty of folks around their age and younger listed.

Now granted as very rich people in addition to being a former Vice President and a current Sitting senator (funny how that rich part came after holding office rather than before like Trump) both have access to pretty good healthcare likely better than many of the folks their age who they might read about in the obits if they bothered so they have an advantage over those folks in terms of longevity.

But in the end father time always wins and if the good Lord decides he wants a word with either of them they are unlikely to be in a position to say no.

Furthermore Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders’ voters are of very different stripes, so if either of them goes the way of all flesh, their followers are much likely to drift father down the polling ladder rather than be claimed by the other.

And of course if the grim reaper decides to grab em both, then all bets are off!

So if you’re a Democrat candidate stuck at 1% you might has well stay in for a while, because there is always the chance that you are just one bucket kick away from getting into double digits by default.