Why 33 Million wasn’t enough for Oberlin

If you want to understand why 33 Million isn’t a penny too little for punitive damages against Oberlin college all you need to read is this paragraph from the Legal Insurrection coverage of the case:

The damage was worse than most realize. On a walk through campus several weekends ago, this reporter talked to about 20 students at random on campus, and every one of them said they would never shop at Gibson’s because the business and family are racist. When shown the police reports and the fact that the three shoplifters plead guilty and claimed “no racial profiling” was involved, most of the students I spoke with said, “Cops lie.”

Think for a second. These are supposedly educated people. Even with the shoplifters pleading guilty and stating for the record “no racial profiling” they presume that Gibson is racist and no amount of facts or evidence will convince them otherwise.