by baldilocks

It’s difficult to share a positive story and resist the lure of garnering those outrage eyeballs with a negative one. That thought came to me as I was searching my usual sources for something provocative to write about.

So much negativism and cynicism out there! I admit to, sometimes, being a purveyor.

Just a few minutes ago, I happened to glance up at my bookmarks bar only to find link to a sweet story, one which I’d planned to share on Father’s Day, but didn’t. In my defense, I was thinking of my own adoption(s).

So, here’s the story.

We walked into the courtroom a family of five and walked out a family of six.


My other children absolutely adored him. He could bring my wife to tears with a smile and a giggle.

Now, four years later, none of that has changed.

My three older children still adore Levi. And he still melts my wife’s heart — her hugs and smiles for him are endlessly enthusiastic and warm.

But Levi was once not my son. And now he is. Levi was once not a brother to my children. Now he is. He was once a stranger to the traditions of our home, he was not mentioned in our prayers, he wasn’t a family member around our table — now he is.

We hang four Christmas stockings where once we hung three. We exchanged single beds for bunk beds.

Levi’s life changed four years ago. He gained a new family, a new father and a new future.

Often, I share stories like this one via my social media and do so without much commentary other than this preamble: “Good News,”

Now, it most certainly is that, but I remember why this story of adoption got to me: the great joy and love expressed by the father, who is the author of the piece.

I am again reminded of how much goodness there is out there in the highways and byways of our great country. And, sometimes, it right next-door!

Did I exhort you already to read the whole thing?

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