Pintastic NE 2019 Early Videos

While the rest of the political blogging world was focusing on the 2nd Democrat debate I was spending my time more productively by attending my 5th annual Pintastic NE being held once again at the Sturbirdge Host Hotel in Sturbridge MA.

And of course a Any event with DaTechGuy at it means views and interviews

and interviews and every year at Pintastic I both start and end with the founder of Pintastic Gabriel D’Annunzio who has put this together since day 1 five years ago

I next talked to John Loab who was one of the 1st in the vendor room setting up a game called Oktoberfest

A pinball game designed to be played one handed while drinking a beer might be of great interest to Stacy McCain and Vodkapundit. A bit later I got a look at the gameplay

That’s part of the project pinball team that puts machines in children’s hospitals around the country.

Gabe brings a ton of machines but he’s not the only one, I talked to Emily Rose who not only brought a bunch of pinballs but several stand up systems for home gaming systems which so far have proved most popular.

It worth noting that every game that’s in both the free play room and the games in the extra ball lounge,

not to mention the Southern NH Pinball club room are games owned by people attending who bring them there for others to spend for days playing almost continually. Furthermore as demonstrated in this video the folks like David who has been working with Gabe since day 1….

…upkeep the games and keep them running as a bunch of folks they don’t know give them an extra hundred hours of wear.

And that’s not even considering the effort it take to transport, 4 or 8 or 12 games heavy bulky games to a venue like this.

And there is something for everyone, games, tech stuff, mods and of course art and artists

This is a great event so come on down to Sturbridge today tomorrow or Sunday and be a part of it before it moves to Boxboro next year and play some pinball with DaTechGuy.

It will be a lot more enjoyable than the political season.