Woke 007, Homan da Man, Dem Cannibalism , More Dominican Deaths and The Forgotten Dead Under the Fedora

Apparently Hollywood has decided it’s time to redo the James Bond franchise, with a black woman playing 007

I don’t have a big problem with this as 007 is a designation not an individual. If they decided to make a woman James Bond as they did with Doctor Who that would have stunk but in theory any spy can be 007. There was a 007 before James bond and one after him as well.

Now it’s one thing to pick a black woman as the new 007 for the franchise. It’s quite another for said franchise to fill the seats. That all primarily depend on if the producers, writers and directors are interested in treating movie goers as customers looking for a great action movie with good writing and fantastic stunts and venues, or if they are interested treating them a subjects to be lectured on how woke they should be and live.

You would have to go a long way to find a better job of answering the AOC brigade on the “separation of children” than Mr. Tom Homan did before a congressional committee.

You mean to say if someone is breaking the law and arrested in the US and has their kid with them at the time of arrest they are “separated” from that kid. Who woulda thunk it?

Are any adults left in the Democrat party?

I’m having a real hard time not laughing at what is coming out of the netroots conference

In one sense she has a point, the members of the CBC have been a lot better getting themselves ahead than getting people of color ahead, but of course if she wanted to help black and brown Americans keep good jobs and get ahead she would be supporting they guy who has brought the economy back for them rather than joining her fellow progressives in eating their own to the point where even Maureen Dowd starts to get it.

Another American is dead from visiting the Dominican republic.

An American man died while vacationing in the Dominican Republic in March, the U.S. State Department and the man’s family told ABC News this week — making him the 11th American tourist to die in the Caribbean country since June 2018.
Tracy Jerome Jester Jr. of Forsyth, Georgia, died on March 17 of “respiratory illness,” after a day of sightseeing while vacationing at a resort, his mother Melody Moore, told ABC News.

I had a younger cousin who visited the DR decades ago and was beaten nearly to death. He was never the same afterwards and died very young because of it. While they have some of the best baseball in the world I think I’ll stay here.

Finally speaking tourist’s death’s Stacy McCain notices that some outrages against women are more equal to others, at least in the eyes of western feminists:

There is an element of “white privilege” in the way these affluent young women, engaged in a form of status display (“conspicuous consumption,” as Veblen would call it) think they can wander around foreign countries without risk. So the blonde German girl takes a boat to an island and rents a motorbike for a solo sightseeing excursion and gets raped and murdered by the local garbage collector.
Has anyone heard from the feminists who love to lecture us about “violence against women”? No, of course not. Feminists never notice crimes like this, because “violence against women” doesn’t matter when it’s committed by Third World men. Let some girl get groped by a white college boy at a frat party, and the feminists will be all over that story, but if she’s raped and murdered by a swarthy foreigner? Crickets chirping.

If an outrage doesn’t serve the cause it doesn’t matter, that’s been the way of the left forever and a day.