Trump Wins the Day Again!

When the president first sent out his tweets concerning the four wise women of congress

some very smart people who I respect were in panic. He was comiting “a blunder of epic proportions, it was an “own goal“, a mistake that made “no sense“…

…and then with their base primed by banners like “Trump defends racist comments” they carried him speaking directly on the subject.

Suddenly the radical statements and opinions of the congresswomen who have become the face of the current Democrat party, the ones who are causing such grief in polling in swing districts, the statement that the media have done their best to ignore, spin or minimize are presented to the public directly by the President, and furthermore presented in such a way that forces the left and media to highlight these women within the party.

Now I’m sure that such a movie might help inflame the Democrat base in LA or Seattle or NY. It’s certainly inflamed Hollywood left and the Washington political class that would never vote for him anyway.

However I suspect that for every 5 outraged members of the base that the media frenzy manages to turn out in LA, NYC and Seattle over these statement and the coverage there will be at least one Trump vote generated and secured in the swing districts where loving America, capitalism, secure borders, a strong defense and supporting Israel against people trying to murder them, is not controversial at all.

So by all means Nancy Pelosi bring a resolution to condemn Trump to the house floor so every Democrat in a swing district can vote to link themselves to AOC & Company. By all means Al Green force that impeachment vote and put every swing district Dem in a position to choose the radical base or the general election public, because I’m sure every swing Democrat who played the “I’m not really a socialist” game to get elected last time can’t wait to be tied to Omar, AOC Talib et/al by the GOP with unbreakable bonds.

Alas I suspect the Democrats will poll on this issue, confirm what they already know that such votes will help cost them the House and the White house in 2020 and with the help of the media quietly let this pass…

…that is if the President allows them to do so.

Sort of UPDATE: As I am writing this reps, Ayanna, Pressley, Tlaib, & Ocasio-Cortez are holding a press conference that is being carried live by MSNBC and God knows who else. Or to put it another way

Or as POTUS put it himself during said conference:

The money shot

How much do you think the Donald Trump re-election campaign would have paid to talk these fools into doing this and cementing their place as the face of the Democrats in the house while forcing Democrats on the campaign trail to back them.

I think Stacy’s Blunder or Genius question has been answered emphatically.

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