Parody or No?, House Comedy, Abby Johnson Does Catholic Right, Cruz vs Google and Red Sox reality under the fedora

The Babylon Bee is a parody site, but this is a great idea:

The Trump campaign has unveiled its 2020 campaign strategy of airing unedited footage of speeches and press conferences by far-left Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and that other one.

Snoops not withstanding this really hits the nail on the head, the most powerful weapon the GOP has for election 2020 are the Democrats in their own words.

A great example of this was the vote on condemning the president for his tweets concerning the people now known as “the squad”. To say it was a farce is an insult to farces

Speaker of the House Pelosi spoke about the president in a disparaging way which is against the House rules. The House parliamentarian ruled Pelosi’s comments did in fact break the rules, but who cares? The GOP moved to strike her nasty remarks, but were overruled. Pelosi lost her speaking privileges temporarily. If you want to read the play-by-play of this sturm und drang, hit the link.
Is there anyone outside the beltway that cares about this soap opera? This is the ultimate exercise in political theater that feeds the rabid lefty base but means nothing to anyone other than the media and the idiots on Twitter with hot takes. Have the Democrats focused grouped this strategy, because it seems to me to be a very poor pathway to victory.

What’s really hilarious is because of all the fuss a lot of people who normally would never watch the house in action were likely tuning in to see them make fools of themselves.

The head of Planned Parenthood was unexpected terminated and as you might guess the jokes write themselves. I tweeted a few of them, but Abby Johnson the former planned Parenthood director that is the subject of the movie Unplanned and has been the subject of censorship operated on a totally different level.

I love jokes and as a Python fan believe that there is almost nothing one can’t joke about, but this is at such a higher level than any joke that I find myself humbled by it.

Ted Cruz questioned a Google Exec at a hearing this week and it was devastating

What makes Sen Cruz’s words so powerful is he is using not hyperbole but data, raw data and fact. You would think a tech company would have been more prepared for that kind of thing.

Finally Red Sox Nation and Red Sox radio seems completely taken aback by the idea that their team which has made the playoffs three straight years and in fact won the world series last year might not make the playoffs this year.

As a longtime Redsox fan who endured 34 years of the curse (counting from as far back as I remember not from my birth) who has been more than satisfied by 4 World Series Wins in 15 years and two in the last 6 I find this anger amusing but as a baseball fan I find it idiotic.

Winning every year or even contenting every year IS NOT NORMAL. I realize that living in the Tom Brady Patriots era makes that harder to understand but he is an aberration NOT the norm, just like the Bill Russell Celtics and the Mickey Mantle and early Derick Jeter Yankees. Furthermore it’s incredibly normal for above avg players to have a bad year or even just a really good year vs a great one. We’ve seem to have forgotten that.

The good news for Red Sox fans is their offense is so potent that like last year, no lead against them, however large, is safe, the bad news is that unlike last year their bullpen and their starters have been so horrible that no lead they hold however large, is safe either. it’s frustrating but certainly not boring.

Can this Red Sox team make the playoffs? Yeah it’s possible. Can they win? They have a punchers chance but no better, but that’s OK, this team is still one of the most talented in the league, it won’t be till next year when they come off of this years failures that we’ll find out what they’re made of.

Meanwhile just enjoy the ride, it’s baseball and when it’s done the winter comes.