I’ll be at the Special 5 PM Mass at St. Bernard’s Parish at St. Camilus Church today in Fitchburg…

… in response to the latest in the Battle of Fitchburg. As there is an event for my son’s birthday I won’t be staying for the Rosary afterwards but will be praying for it nonetheless.

But I want to point out a basic fact that everyone seems to have missed.

The only power the folks imposing this stuff on us has is the power we defer to them. I don’t recall giving the narcissistic American left permission to redefine what is acceptable or not nor to impose their “norms” on society, particularly children for the sake of their self esteem. And I’m certainly not going to jump on their say so or be quiet about it.

I refuse to submit

The first virtue is courage without it all other virtues fall by the wayside which is why the primary tool of the left is intimidation. The first step in defeating them is to have to courage to refuse to submit in the face of the scorn the push back and the lot.

Or as I’ve put it many times:

If a person decides they are Napoleon Bonaparte, dress like Napoleon Bonaparte, walks, talks and acts like Napoleon Bonaparte even to the point of surgically altering their appearance to match Napoleon, regardless of expense, that’s their problem, their delusion and business and not mine

The moment that person attempts to impose their delusion on me, mine and society demanding that I shout Vive L’Empereur under penalty of law then it becomes my problem and I refuse to submit.

That doesn’t preclude christian charity or christian mercy toward such a person far from it. In fact refusing to speak the truth and play along with a harmful delusion is like a doctor knowing a person is gravely ill but telling a patient that all is well for fear said patient will get upset and be angry at him. That’s not an act of love or compassion, it’s a self serving act of cowardice that hurts them and you.