Everything the Left Hates about the America That Made it to the Moon.

One of the reasons why the left today seems desperate to turn the American Space Program that sent us to the moon as into something to be declared Racist/sexist/homophobic or something the Russians did better is that it symbolizes everything they are against.

The left insists that Capitalism is a failure and that socialism is a success just waiting to happen, yet even while in the middle of fighting a major war the United States not only won the space race to the moon but was able to catch up and surpass the Soviets who were ahead of us at the time but was able to repeat that success over and over while neither the Soviets nor the Chinese nor anyone else has put a person on the moon.

The left insists that truth and science has to be woke, but the moon landing is a triumph of object rational science over feelings. This is not fudged science where you make a panicked prediction and when it doesn’t happen make a new one father down the road so you won’t be alive when it doesn’t happen, this is actual real practical science, with an actual goal, measurable results that involves practical experiments.

There people who went to the moon did not require safe spaces (remember one set of Apollo astronauts were killed in a fire on a launch pad) they were me who faced danger, understood the risks and took them anyways knowing that a mistake either by them or ground control would cost them their lives. They in other words actually achieved and nothing make a person who has has spend a lifetime getting awards for just showing up realize how empty those participation trophies are that being confronted by someone who has actually done something spectacular.

The space program has no “safe” spaces

The NYT is quite correct that this was an achievement of a mostly (but not exclusively) white and male dominated culture, but they miss the point, it’s not the sex or the skin color that was important but the objective standards involved.

If you didn’t have the physical requirement you couldn’t be an astronaut, if you didn’t have the objective math or science or engineering or computer requirements you couldn’t do the job. The space program isn’t a product of affirmative action or quotas, it was a product of objective goals and achievement that frankly most people regardless of race or sex won’t meet, just as most people who play baseball in their lives won’t make the majors or most college basketball players won’t make the NBA, but it’s an uncomfortable reality that can’t be denied by surgery and made unspeakable by social pressure.

You might be able to intimidate people into claiming men are women and vice versa but you can’t intimidate them to the moon.

Finally the science of the space program requires an actual open mind to things greater than oneself and beyond what a person might currently thing and believe, and there is nothing more dangerous to the left that this concept for it requires the ability to change one’s mind based on reality.

Nothing endangers the left more than this.