VA Dems gift to Trump, Police: Please no Crime! Un-diverse victory, School is so white, Netflix learns four words Under the Fedora

Are Virginia Dems really stupid enough to threaten to boycott the 400th anniversary of Jamestown ceremonies if POTUS turns up and thus give him a national forum to talk about how Great America is?

Yes they are!

The drama at this late date is all about capitalizing on the Trump versus the Squad kerfuffle. Virginia House Democrats issued their ultimatum. If President Trump accepts the invitation to attend and speak at the celebration, they won’t be there. This looks like a preemptive strike by the Virginia Democrats, though, because it is unclear if President Trump is even planning to attend the event.

I’m not so sure this is a threat as much as gift to the President who should take advantage of this layup the Dem have given him to highlight American accomplishments while noting that the current Gov and Lt Gov who both have issues are still there.

Then again given that it’s the anniversary of the 1st British White Settlement in what would be the US and the left declares whiteness evil why would current Democrats want to show up at all?

Speaking of things that aren’t diverse apparently Soccer is not the only thing the US is good at these days:

For the fourth time in five years the US teamplaced first in the International Mathematical Olympiad, this year tying for first place with China. 
The six U.S. team members also won gold medals for their individual high scores on the Olympiad, known as the world championship mathematics competition for high school students.

Oddly enough this accomplishment isn’t getting a lot of msm celebration I’m guessing because the team doesn’t look right to them

this very dominating winning team does not look like America — all members are males, 5 Asians and one Caucasian, judging by appearances. 
Race, gender, ethnicity, family income, sexual orientation or other identifiers do not factor in to qualifying for the team to attend the Olympiad.  Instead, selection is based 
solely on scores in math competitions.  

Building a team based on merit without quotas ? No wonder the media aren’t celebrating these guys.

I have no words:

It’s dangerously hot across much of the country this weekend — so hot, in fact, that police in Braintree, Massachusetts, are imploring would-be criminals to hold off on illegal activity until Monday.

read the whole thing and be glad you don’t live in my state.

How bad a rap has merit gotten to the left, this bad:

 Harvard’s Roland Fryer has shown that while the number of white kids who report another white kid as a friend increases with that kid’s GPA, the number of black kids who report another black kid as a friend increases with GPA at a much lower rate, and then plummets after 3.5. Fryer even notes that it is specifically black kids who give evidence of putting in special effort who have fewer friends, not the ones who manage to excel while making it look easy.

Add to this body of research the decades of journalism on how black kids are tormented as “white” for liking school, up to the present day. John Ogbu wrote a book carefully documenting the association in Shaker Heights, Ohio. After I wrote a book in 2000 with a chapter addressing it, I received—unsolicited—well over 100 letters from black people explicitly attesting that they were teased as “white” for liking school, many saying that their grades went down as a result, as well as from concerned teachers wondering what to do about black kids telling them that this charge was being lobbed at them. One letter-writer said black kids called him a “nerd” in the early 1960s because he liked school, but that they called his younger siblings “white” for the same reason by the end of that decade.

Nothing has hurt the black community more than association with Democrats.

Finally Netflix might be learning a new saying:

Netflix Subscribers Wave Goodbye
While earnings-per-share came in at $0.60, four cents above expectations, and revenue was only $10 million short of expectations at $4.92 billion, the subscriber numbers were of grave concern.
Domestic paid subscribers actually fell by 126,000, while the expectation was for an increase of 352,000. That’s a miss by almost half a million subscribers.

Yet Netflix management doesn’t really have a good excuse for this decline, and is using some smoke and mirrors to downplay it.

Let me clue in the Netflix bosses who were so anxious to join a pro-abortion boycott to the four words that explain what’s going on:

Get Woke, go broke!