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What are we leaving behind? We need another Ross Perot…

July 29th, 2014 | No Comments

I know many blog posts wonder what are we leaving behind to our kids and theirs. I hear it on talk shows too numerous to list. It is asked so often it is almost meaningless at this point. We all know where that conversation goes…debt…unsustainable and then directly into bickering.

I will avoid that.

What we are leaving behind, what my kids see on television is far cry from what I saw as a kid. Now what we have is “presumptive nominees,” we have “dynasties,” we have partisan bickering everywhere dominated by the extremes of both parties.

What we don’t have are a lot of leaders. Oh sure we have people in leadership roles but we don’t have are many leaders.

We have had them in the past, and there are some on the periphery but none that dominate the day.

Why bring this up?

Well, news cycles being what they are we are already hearing about the 2016 Presidential election. We hear that on the one side we have former Senator, Secretary of State and First Lady of the United States Hillary Clinton, or perhaps Senator Elizabeth Warren. On the other side we have people like Governor Chris Christie, we have Senator Rand Paul, and a field of others.

What I don’t see on either side is someone that people want to vote for. I see a large number of people whose names are being bandied about for the most important elected office in this country (perhaps the world) and none of them excite me, none of them are problem solvers. They are good at getting elected, but they aren’t good at solving huge problems from what I can tell.

We need a leader, we need a problem solver. We do not need more of the same.

When I was a kid we had Ronald Reagan, when I was in my late teens there was a phenomenon known as Ross Perot (who would have been elected before he pulled out then re-entered the race). Interestingly I heard a comment from Mr. Perot years after his run for office. He said, and this is a quote, “No one smart enough to do that job wants that job.” Certainly an interesting quote but not what we need right now.

The country has problems. This country needs solutions.

This is one of the times I agree with First Lady Obama. We need to have a change in last names. We need to not have people from the same two or three families in that office. It hasn’t helped.

We need someone who gets Americans excited. We need someone who has solved problems and run things. We need someone who can unite people. In short we need someone who tells the extremes of both parties to be quiet when it is needed. We need someone who can roll up their sleeves, get to work, and fix what ails us.

We need a southern border solution, not a band aid.

We need an economy that is functional, not a temporary stimulus.

We need an international policy that doesn’t make us a joke, not whatever we have had for the last 15 years.

We need to go back to having a long term plan, not a series of temporary stop gap solutions.

We need a monetary policy that doesn’t create problems, not what is happening.

In short, what we need are strong leaders. We need people who are smart enough and want the job. Not someone who thinks it would be great to be President. I think being President would be terrible. It would be no fun what-so-ever. Would I do it? I’m really not sure (not that anyone asked me).

Why do I bring up Perot?

Well, I remember people of all ages being excited about him (for a while then he went a little nutty).

We deserve to have someone standup who isn’t a typical politician, who isn’t a “Donald Trump,” who can do the job.

In short, America, we deserve better. Before you start swarming to someone in 2016 that isn’t a problem solver and is merely good at telling you what you want to hear to get elected, take a moment and as yourself…Am I behind this person because I like them or because I dislike the opposition.

The Primary Elections matter. That is the time to get involved so we don’t continue to end up with the lesser of two evils.

Thanks for reading my rant, stand up America and demand better. Hold your elected leadership to account, don’t let them slide, ever.


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