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Charlie Baker’s image now set in snow

January 28th, 2015 | No Comments

The Biggest winner from this blizzard is Charlie Baker

One of the things that happen if you are a GOP member in Massachusetts is you come equipped with a pair of horns by the media.  It  takes great timing, an extraordinary event,  or a bad Democrat candidate for them to disappear.

Baker won election thanks to good timing and a bad Democrat and this blizzard, right at the start of his term, constitutes both good timing and an extraordinary event for him.

This blizzard plays to all of his strengths, a problem to be solved, a steady hand in a crisis and a fellow who is normal.

That’s Charlie Baker all over.

Even more importantly people who would normally never see these qualities in action couldn’t help but see them as his press conferences where regular and necessary TV.

This images and the narrative of his strengths are now firmly in the mind of the voters, even the low info ones and it will take an awful lot to get it out.

The question is, once we’re all dug out will those in the political game realize it and act accordingly?

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