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Breaking News From Minnesota, NYC & Florida this Weekend

December 22nd, 2014 | No Comments

Three Stories from this weekend that should get more press:


Dateline Mall of America Minnesota:  No protesters were beaten or shot Saturday as Police didn’t viciously attack mobs of those who occupied the Mall of America protesting police violence.

Protesters reportedly didn’t see a bodies dropping as a policeman didn’t strike them repeatedly in the head with their nightsticks, nor were there wounded and bleeding protesters as they were not shot and bloodied by police as other protesters from the Mall of America were removed after protesting police violence.

Store after store  did not have windows shatters as police didn’t open fire spreading terror among protesters and shoppers like, making Christmas at the Mall a black day that would be remembered for Generations.

The Governor of Minnesota did not promise to appoint a task force to investigate the carnage that didn’t happen nor offer his heartfelt sympathies to the families of those who were not killed.


Dateline NYC:  Governor Cuomo of NY did not declare Martial law in NYC and call out the national guard as police by the tens of thousand did not refuse to report to work or vowing not to patrol black areas as long as Mayor DiBlasio remains in office.

The Governor didn’t make an impassioned speech to call for calm as crime didn’t run rampant as police didn’t abandon precinct after precinct in NYC allowing thugs and criminals to simply run wild throughout the city putting citizens, particularly in minority areas, under siege.

Elderly women were not afraid to leave their homes go to the market due to the absence of officers as cars didn’t burn throughout their street while youths and gang members couldn’t take advantage of the non absence of police to enforce their will upon the non abandoned communities through the city.

Nobody reported the scene was like a war zone with the police still there.


Dateline Tarpon Springs Florida:  Residents of the Glen’s Eureka Apartments on Grand Boulevard in Tarpon Springs are not picking up the pieces as armed police didn’t roust them and destroy their homes in an orgy of revenge for the murder of a police officer who was answering a noise ordinance complaint.

Their children were not crying as the police and their supporters didn’t force us from their homes nor set them on fire in retaliation for the murder of their brother officer.

There was not a scene of devastation as community leaders did not deplore the violence that didn’t happen nor were shelters set up for the dozens of families that still have their homes and the police chief didn’t call a press conference to promise a complete investigation of the non-existent devastation.


What is the point of this piece?  Only this, if the police were even slightly what the press, the Al Sharpton and the Protesters claimed they were, any of these headlines could have happen.

Hasn’t it occurred to any of the people who have been talking so much smack about cops that there is a reason why this stuff not only hasn’t happened but will not happen anytime soon?

Perhaps the young men and women in $40K+ a year college might consider questions like this before they buy the narrative being sold to them.

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