Longtime readers know that before I got my overnight job I was a regular viewer of Morning Joe.  I’ve always liked Joe and Mika, not only because they’re been willing to be interviewed and treat their fans well, but because unlike most of the MSM they’ve never pretended to be other than partisan.  Mika in particular […]

Henry Drummond: Madam, you may vote but at a price. You lose the right to retreat behind the powder puff or your petticoat. Inherit the Wind 1960 There was one dynamic & theme of yesterday’s debate and the follow-up coverage that struck a nerve with me. Anyone who knows me knows that I tend to […]

I remember this line from an old justice League comic with a hero from the future called Booster Gold (pretty lame character actually) who while fighting a group of villains encounters a shapely enemy that strikes a pose asking: “You wouldn’t hit a girl would you?” he answers “Well…” you see a panel with the […]

One of my pet peeves is politics is the idea that you can’t be tough on a woman in a debate or candidate forum. I’ve seen questions and commentary for years where people go after men for being too tough on a woman during a debate, in an attack ad etc etc etc. This just […]

Chris: There’s a job for six men, watching over a village, south of the border. Bernardo: How big’s the opposition? Chris: Thirty guns. Bernardo: I admire your notion of fair odds, mister. The Magnificent Seven 1960 Yesterday Protein Wisdom: The rhetorical ground is already being set, with these two races its supposed proofs: look at […]

… I figured that they would give Obama this win to compensate for the non-corporation that they will give him on Iran and Afghanistan: I guess not. Not only does he lose but he doesn’t even make it out of the first round. What does that mean? It means that the perception internationally is there […]