Visit the Imprisoned a corporal work of mercy
There is one fact about the Trump Criminal Justice reform business that needs to be pointed out.

Before I continue let me point out that the points that follow only apply to folks who are not incorrigible. If a person decides he prefers the financial, social or self esteem rewards that come with a criminal life and is willing to take the risks involved in same, no amount of reform is going to make a difference. The argument below only applies to people whose goal is to leave criminal life and get a 2nd chance to be a law abiding citizen.

The best way to get a 2nd chance if you are an ex-con is to have a shot at a job, because if you can support yourself and your family you are less likely to fall back on the underground illegal economy to provide either the necessities or the extra comforts that a person would like to occasionally have.

Now during times when there are more people seeking work than jobs available, an employer can pick and choose. In such an economy, such as the one during the Obama years a business owner is likely going to eliminate a person with a record from consideration, which is completely reasonable and rational decision. After all Why would you risk hiring a person with a criminal record in your employ when there are a dozen other people without such a record vying for the same job? Even worse is the fact that people looking for work in such a situation will take a job below their normal skill level. When this is the case the ex-con has little or no chance to find legal work is much more likely to fall into old illegal habits simply for the sake of survival.

And while this was the norm in the Obama Economy the Trump economy is a different animal.

There are millions more jobs then there are job seekers. Not only are skilled workers no longer settling for unskilled job but even unskilled workers are getting the chance to go far. Given this situation there is never a better chance that a hiring manager, desperate to fill positions will decide to overlook qualities that might have once been disqualifying.

What does that mean for sentencing reform, it means that instead of releasing an ex-con into an environment where he or she is bound to fail and likely to re-offend said ex-con is released into an environment where he or she is most likely to succeed in finding gainful employment and have a chance to prove their value as a productive law abiding citizen.

Even better the paucity of people available to work causes upward pressure on wages make it more likely that said employment will provide enough to make more profitable but risky criminal behavior less of an attraction.

That’s what the Trump boom means. More ex-cons more likely able to find work at wages high enough to discourage the choice of an illegal alternative.

It is the best prison reform program in the world and brings a whole new meaning to the hashtag #jobsnotmobs

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Formally residing on the back of one David Price.

Missing since October 18th during a trip to Houston.

If found please provide it a good home at least till November, might we suggest it be donated to the good folks at 1 East 161st Street Bronx NY in the hopes the team there can adopt it permanently.

Signed Red Sox Fans

…when it comes to yesterday’s RedSox game there isn’t a lot of distance between Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, Liberals, Socialists, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, and Atheists in Massachusetts this morning.

I left work at midnight dead tired.  I got home in the bottom of the 8th and the 9th inning (both halves) was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen in the game and I’ve been watching since I was five in 1968.

Three Things.

Joe Castiglione will be forever remembered for falling out of his chair calling Andrew Benintendi’s Catch and if there was ever a catch to fall out of his chair this was it.  I’ve been telling friends for years that when I see Benintendi it’s like watching a young Yaz.  As of yesterday everyone in the world now knows it.

Let’s not forget that nobody would be talking about Andrew Benintendi’s spectacular catch to prevent a hit that would have cleared the bases and given the Astros the win in the bottom of the 9th

if in the to of the 9th Josh Reddick doesn’t make a catch at least as good to prevent a hit that would have cleared the bases and given the Redsox a 5 run lead to save the Astros. 

I have never seen two halves of a 9th inning end in such a spectacular fashion ever, let alone in a playoff game.

I didn’t see or hear the play fan interference play till I got home.

To my eyes the ball was over the fence and both the fan and Mookie had equal rights to that ball.  Without a question Mookie would have caught it if there was no fan there, the only question is did he reach over.  I think the fan was in the process of doing so but he had not reached that mark yet and of course it being a playoff game there was an umpire in right field to call it and from what I understand the umpire called for the review (Pedro Martinez noted it was a smart move by the ump to do so) I’m happy we won but I don’t fault any Astros fan for thinking they were robbed on that play, but as their manager said, they had plenty of chances to win it.

I had a post hitting Elizabeth Warren all set for this morning, but after a win like this, we’re all on the same team for a day.

P.S.  Last night when they announced that David Price would start today I was scratching my head.  You are throwing a guy who has never won a post season game, who finally had a start that wasn’t a disaster in a situation where he is bound to fail, 3 days rest against one of the best pitchers in the game who in his last three elimination games HAS NOT GIVEN UP A RUN.  Now that I’ve slept on it it makes a lot more sense.  There is no pressure on Price at all, he is not expected to win this game so if he blows it, NBD, we’ve got two games at Fenway to win it including Nathan Eovaldi on full rest for game seven if needed and of course if he wins, even better.  No pressure at all.

Stormy Daniels 2015 via Wikipedia

In the first paragraph, this story has already destroyed the fantasies of millions of 14-year-old geeks around the world. “You mean, even if I become so rich that I’ve got my own private tropical island, I don’t get to have sex with any 22-year-old woman I desire?” Disturbing.

Robert Stacy McCain All Girls Named Tonya The Disturbing Case of David Copperfield Sun Aug 3 2009

Yesterday news came that Stormy Daniels suit pursued by Democrat Superlawyer Michael  Avenatti  a small piece via Hotair

 In short, should Plaintiff publicly voice her opinions about Mr. Trump, Mr. Trump is entitled to publicly voice non-actionable opinions about Plaintiff. To allow Plaintiff to proceed with her defamation action would, in effect, permit Plaintiff to make public allegations against the President without giving him the opportunity to respond. Such a holding would violate the First Amendment.

But here’s the part of the decision that will really sting. The judge says Daniels has to pay Trump’s attorney fees:

Having granted the Special Motion and denied Plaintiff leave to amend, the Court finally holds that Defendant is entitled to attorney’s fees. Texas law is unambiguous that “the TCPA requires an award of ‘reasonable attorney’s fees’ to the successful movant.” Sullivan v. Abraham, 488 S.W.3d 294, 299 (Tex. 2016). “A ‘reasonable’ attorney’s fee ‘is one that is not excessive or extreme, but rather moderate or fair.’”

The full court order is at Hogewash (who btw knows a bit about be targeted by frivolous lawsuits).  Avanatti will of course appeal but I want to focus on Ms. Daniels for a moment.

For many years Ms. Daniels made a living in a highly visible trade which, while obsessively “acting” is in effect prostitution that is having sex with other people for money albeit sex with a defined group of people also being paid and on film.  A trade by which women, the primary stars, are often exploited for example a person is generally paid by the scene and has no rights to residual checks if the “performance” is viewed or used again so these women supplement their income by tours as strippers and occasionally permitting rich non-professionals to have their way with them for a large fee, particularly when such women begin to get older and realize that their marketability in their chosen field begins to diminish exponentially.

That being the reality it would be no surprise if Ms. Daniels seeing the chance for a large payday accepted the invitation of a very wealthy individual, say a famous Hotel mogul, who expressed an interest in Ms. Daniels sexually and accepted a large fee for her company for a night under a strict non-disclosure agreement.

(On a side note, while it’s a neutral objective fact that Ms. Daniels is a sexually attractive woman for myself I’d not do this even if I was so inclined and rich enough to afford it.  Imagine having your sexual performance judged by a person who not only has sex for a living, but has that sex with other people who also have sex for a living.  It would be like paying a retired NBA player for a game of one on one, sure he’d say something nice on the court about your skill when it’s over and you might repeat that to a pal but you both know with his pals  he’s laughing about the joke amateur who thought he had game).

Now let’s presume for the sake of this argument that this is what happened between Ms. Daniels and Mr. Trump as a private citizen.

Now picture yourself as Stormy Daniels in 2018 at age 39.  While you’ve moved toward writing and producing your own films while still appearing here and there and you know that age is catching up to you and your marketability is down and the Democrats approach you.  They convince you that you might be able to do much better by skirting or ignoring any NDA.  You get a high profile lawyer and you press a suit against the President and they deliver.  You’re on the news every single day.  You start finding yourself making appearance on shows like the View, 60 Minutes, Jimmy Kimmal Live.  Your strip shows suddenly are drawing huge fees, generating press coverage and even Trump fans are curious to see you and are willing to pay to do so.  The left is so enamored with you that a city in California West Hollywood even holds a “Stormy Daniels” day and present you with the key to the city and article after article continues to give her publicity.

But now the worm has turned.  Daniels lawyer who was the darling of CNN for months is now the left’s fall guy not only for the success of the Kavanaugh nomination but perhaps even for the sudden reversal of Democrat fortunes in the fall elections.    And with her suit thrown out,  barring a win on appeal Daniels will be responsible for President Trump’s legal fees which given the months of litigation are likely to be considerable, perhaps even larger than the original non-disclosure agreement.

Furthermore now that this has gone from a promising scandal to yet another failed attempt to bring down the president,  the left, now that she is of no further use, will discard her.   Sure she might draw a few eyeballs at various strip clubs but her days of being celebrated as a media hero and the financial rewards thereof are gone.  She’s is now used and damaged good to be discarded as all inconvenient and ineffective tools of the left, a tool whose only legacy are the addition of the words:  “Creepy Pron Lawyer’ to the current lexicon.

What a gift to her Husband and Children that legacy is.

Bottom line, based on the evidence (old magazine article, non disclosure agreement etc) it is a reasonable, if unproven, conclusion that back when he was a private citizen Donald Trump had sex with Stormy Daniels, but it took the anti-Trump left to really f*** her over.

Closing thought 1:  In fairness while the Democrats have f***** Stormy Daniels over she is returning the favor with this exchange:

Because if there is one thing the Democrats the face of the opposition to Donald Trump to be it’s a porn star attacking the size of the President’s penis.

Closing thought #2 Compare that photo of Ms. Daniels from 2015 to the pictures you see today. Is it just me or has she aged an awful lot in 3 years. I wonder why?

Saw this tweet from Dinesh DiSousa via old friend Evan Sayet

How bad must the situation be for the MSM to publicly admit Minnesota Democrats, completely obsessed with identity politics, are worried about a Black Muslim candidate?

Speaking of racial stuff this came from Maxine Baptiste who used to be one of the liberals on my Magnificent Panel

One of the mantras of the left is how much better we are in all things then we once were, but there was a time when everyone knew their neighbors, welcomed them into the neighborhood etc perhaps occasionally putting down the electronics and knowing the people in your neighborhood or apartment building might not be a bad idea again.

Our next one comes from Instapundit

I suspect Body Cams save move cops than bullet proof vests. Maybe College kids should wear them.

This one is from Fox News

I had no idea that any of Marty Feldman’s relatives served in the Continental army

The Great Bridget Gabriel has some figures for us:

My first thought was because insanely corrupt and ineffective diplomats gotta eat too, but It would be interesting to see who stepped up if we decided to say “pay you’re own way”.

John Nolte raises a point on twitter that I made concerning the NYT Trump tax return story that crashed and burned so fast it didn’t even make a ripple

Or to put it another way for this story to be true you would have to believe that the same Obama administration that used the IRS that was used as a corrupt weapon against the Tea Party and the FBI that was used as a corrupt weapon against Trump, having actual evidence of illegality against him, left him alone.

The UN human rights council is more believable than that line of thinking.

James (I’m not retracting anything) Wood via Populo Iratus had this to say about Obama on the campaign trail

I had a long twitter argument concerning the newsworthyness of Trump’s rallies with a bunch of leftists in denial but I think the ineffectiveness of Obama on the stump vs Trump is an equally newsworthy one.

Adrian Norman makes a great statistical point here:

I’ll believe that voter ID is racist when Banks, Hotels, Insurance Companies and Airlines are sued for requiring people to produce them when doing business.

“Mr. President, if we understand you correctly, you think that we of the Confederacy have committed treason; that we are traitors to your government, that we have forfeited our rights and are proper subjects for the hangman. Is that not about what your words imply?”

There was a pause while they waited for Lincoln’s answer, and presently he gave it.

“Yes” he said. “You have stated the proposition better than I did. That is about the size of it.”

Shelby Foote The Civil War a Narrative Red River to Appomattox Page 777

As Democrat hopes for the taking the US Senate Disappear and their hopes of taking the House fade away and the left continues to wonder all that went wrong, it’s important to realize just how significant the left’s decision to try to destroy Brett Kavanaugh was.

Yes the attack on Kavanaugh awoke the GOP base in a way that the GOP was not able to do themselves

Yes the attack on any conservative judge put Democrats like Phil Bredesen in an impossible position, oppose Kavanaugh and lose the Red State voters you need or support him and lose the base (unless as James O’Keefe reveals the base assumes you’re lying through your teeth)

But the most important thing the Kavanaugh business did was inform NeverTrump republicans that they were no different than any other conservative in their eyes.

You see Brett Kavanaugh was a creature of the establishment, as white bread a white bread guy you could get who had been specifically picked to avoid exactly the type of thing that ended up happening to him.

When the MSM went all in on the attacks and the Democrats sicked “protesters” on Senators in elevators in the senate itself the reality of what the left actually thought came though in a way than an interview with Hillary Clinton or a speech by Maxine Waters and

Like Alexander Stephens who was shocked that Lincoln saw no difference between Jeff Davis and him, one of the biggest critics of the Confederate President the Never Trump republicans have finally realized that to the left they and Trump are the same enemy to be destroyed if they are the way.

It’s something that has been true for a long time, but it took Brett Kavanaugh to finally teach that lesson, just in time for election 2018.

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There’s been so much news to talk about that I’ve not had the chance to talk much about the Red Sox vs the Yankees, but with the Yankees disposed of and the formidable World Champion Houston Astros next in line the #1 topic of conversation in Red Sox nation has been manager Alex’s Cora’s decision to start David Price in Game Two at Boston.

Here is why it I think is the right move regardless of how game one goes (I’m writing this Saturday 2 PM nor knowing the game 1 result.)

  1.  Cora needs to know if Price’s issues are Yankee issues or everything issues, the time to find that out is early in the series rather than with the series on the line.  Game 2 provides that opportunity.  If he fails then he can adjust rotation accordingly.
  2. The upside is huge.  With expectations game so low for David Price that even if he just manages 5 innings and less than four runs it will be a triumph and even a small success like that might be enough to get the monkey off his back and if that happens the Red Sox prospects in both this series and the World Series improve dramatically.
  3. The down side is very small, if Price falters Cora can, as he did vs the Yankees, go to Joe Kelly who managed to shed a few demons of his own in an excellent outing that kept the Red Sox in that game.  Even if Kelly comes in as early as the 3rd Cora would be ahead of where he was last week against the Yanks.  Furthermore that Sox have amply demonstrated time and time again this year that no lead against them is safe.

There is also the downside of NOT pitching Price

  1. Not pitching Price means that instead of Nathan Eovaldi (ERA 3.33) matching up against Morton (3.13)  and Rick Porcello (ERA 4.28) Matching against either Keuchel (3.74) or McCullers (3.86) in games 3 and 4.  matchups where Houston might have a slight edge at best, Eovaldi gets to match up against Cole with an ERA under 3 (2.88) and Porcello gets to face Morton with an ERA a full run better than his.
  2. Not pitching Price means you have basically a wasted roster spot where you have a pitcher to be used either in case of injury or in case of a complete collapse and in either case you are forced to use a pitcher who you have publicly indicated you have no faith in.
  3. Not pitching price puts additional pressure on Sale’s weak arm and the bullpen that is already going to have it’s work cut out for them to hold down that strong Houston lineup.
  4. David Price has four more years on a deal worth $30-32 million a year that you won’t be able to unload.  Cora showing confidence in him now will pay dividends over those next four seasons where those 15 regular season wins Price can deliver might be the difference between winning a division and home field advantage or playing in a wild card game without it.

Starting Price in game 2 vs Houston is both the right thing and the smart thing to do and I think Cora, who wasn’t my 1st or 2nd choice for manager have proven that he deserves to have his judgement trusted.

There were a lot of good quips about Mrs. Victoria B. Brown’s story of her oppression of her husband of fifty years in the Washington Post, the most amusing being Rod Dreher’s line

If somebody starts a Go Fund Me account to pay for Mr. Brown’s tab at his local bar, I’ll kick in.

I thought about doing a long essay on it, presuming he must be a good Catholic to stay with such a woman fifty years or perhaps that she seeing feminism cow people for most of her life is now cracking as it like the pre-2004 Redsox at the very edge of final success.  I even thought of waiting for Robert Stacy McCain’s inevitable article using the Washington Post piece to bolster his argument for men to avoid feminists but that’s when the cogs of memory awoke and I recalled a poem I once read from an old dusty book in the house which I was able to find online.

It’s by a 19th Century American Poet named Joseph Bert Smiley and he not only does better than I ever would on the subject but proves the point I’ve often argument that times and technology might change but people don’t.

For Mrs. Victoria B. Brown of Pennsylvania, I give you Joseph Bert Smiley’s classic:  St. Peter at the Gate:

ST. PETER stood guard at the golden gate,
With a solemn mien and an air sedate,
When up to the top of the golden stair
A man and a woman, ascending there,
Applied for admission. They came and stood
Before St. Peter, so great and good,
In hopes the City of Peace to win,
And asked St. Peter to let them in.

The woman was tall, and lank, and thin,
With a scraggy beadlet upon her chin; 10
The man was short, and thick, and stout;
His stomach was built so it rounded out;
His face was pleasant, and all the while
He wore a kindly and genial smile.
The choirs in the distance the echoes woke,
And the man kept still while the woman spoke:

“Oh, thou who guardest the gate,” said she,
“We two come hither beseeching thee
To let us enter the heavenly land,
And play our harps with the angel band.
Of me, St. Peter, there is no doubt—
There is nothing from heaven to bar me out;
I have been to meetings three times a week,
And almost always I’d rise and speak.
I’ve told the sinners about the day
When they’d repent their evil way;

I have told my neighbors, I have told them all,
’Bout Adam and Eve, and the primal fall;
I’ve shown them what they’d have to do
If they’d pass in with the chosen few;
I’ve marked their path of duty clear—
Laid out the plan for their whole career;
I’ve talked and talked to ’em, loud and long,
For my lungs are good and my voice is strong.

So, good St. Peter, you’ll clearly see
The gate of heaven is open to me.
But my old man, I regret to say,
Hasn’t walked exactly the narrow way;
He smokes and he swears, and grave faults he’s got,
And I don’t know whether he will pass or not.
He never would pray with an earnest vim,
Or go to revival, or join in a hymn;
So I had to leave him in sorrow there,
While I, with the chosen, united in prayer.
He ate what the pantry chanced to afford,
While I, in my purity, sang to the Lord;
And if cucumbers were all he got,
It’s a chance if he merited them or not.

But oh, St. Peter, I love him so!
To the pleasures of heaven please let him go!
I’ve done enough—a saint I’ve been.
Won’t that atone? Can’t you let him in?
By my grim gospel I know ’tis so,
That the unrepentant must fry below;
But isn’t there some way that you can see,
That he may enter who’s dear to me?
It’s a narrow gospel by which I pray,
But the chosen expect to find some way
Of coaxing, or fooling, or bribing you,
So that their relation can amble through.

And say, St. Peter, it seems to me
This gate isn’t kept as it ought to be.
You ought to stand by that opening there,
And never sit down in that easy chair.
And say, St. Peter, my sight is dimmed,
But I don’t like the way your whiskers are trimmed;
They’re cut too wide, and outward toss:
They’d look better narrower, cut straight across.
Well, we must be going our crowns to win,
So open, St. Peter, and we’ll pass in.”

St. Peter sat quiet and stroked his staff,
But spite of his office he had to laugh;
Then said, with a fiery gleam in his eye,
“Who’s tending this gateway—you, or I?”
And then he arose in his stature tall,
And pressed a button upon the wall,
And said to the imp who answered the bell,
“Escort this lady around to hell!”

The man stood still as a piece of stone—
Stood sadly, gloomily there alone;
A lifelong, settled idea he had
That his wife was good and he was bad.
He thought, if the woman went down below,
That he would certainly have to go;
That if she went to the regions dim,
There wasn’t a ghost of a show for him.
Slowly he turned, by habit bent,
To follow wherever the woman went.

St. Peter, standing on duty there,
Observed that the top of his head was bare.
He called the gentleman back, and said,
“Friend, how long have you been wed?”
“Thirty years” (with a weary sigh),
And then he thoughtfully added, “Why?”
St. Peter was silent. With head bent down,
He raised his hand and scratched his crown;
Then, seeming a different thought to take,
Slowly, half to himself, he spake:
“Thirty years with that woman there?
No wonder the man hasn’t any hair!
Swearing is wicked, smoke’s not good.
He smoked and swore—I should think he would.
Thirty years with that tongue so sharp!
Ho, Angel Gabriel! give him a harp—
A jeweled harp with a golden string.
Good sir, pass in where the angels sing.
Gabriel, give him a seat alone—
One with a cushion, up near the throne;
Call up some angels to play their best;
Let him enjoy the music in rest;
See that on finest ambrosia he feeds;
He’s had about all the hell he needs.
It isn’t just hardly the thing to do,
To roast him on earth, and the future too.”
They gave him a harp with golden strings,
A glittering robe, with a pair of wings,
And he said, as he entered the Realm of Day,
“Well, this beats cucumber, anyway!”
And so the Scriptures had come to pass
“The last shall be first, and the first shall be last.”

Yesterday I saw this story that didn’t do a lot of good for those pushing Transgenderism:

A five-year-old girl allegedly was sexually assaulted at school in the girls’ bathroom by a boy who identifies as gender-fluid, sparking an investigation by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) into the Decatur, Georgia school’s transgender bathroom policy.

The details are not pleasant:

“As [Victim] was emerging from a stall, the Assailant pushed her against a wall, pushed his hand between her legs, and repeatedly felt and poked at her genitals … while she struggled and called out for him to stop,” reads the legal complaint, dated May 22, 2018. “No one came to help.”

That’s about as bad as it gets but there was a detail in the story that really jumped out at me,  the boy, was also five years old.

Now while some might look at this story as an argument against Transgender bathrooms (it is) and others might look at is as a great example of the cowardice and fecklessness of a school district (it is) but the first thing that came to my mind is?

What kind of five-year old does this?

Regardless of the how fluid or non-fluid some kid thinks of himself, herself or itself as a general rule it doesn’t occur to a five-year old to push other kids against a wall, stick their hands between someone else’s legs and start exploring like Columbus looking for a faster route to India.

I submit and suggest that a five-year old doesn’t do this unless they are in an environment where such behavior is visible and common.

I don’t have a lot of trust in government when it comes to other people’s children but if there was ever a time that someone in authority needed to examine what’s going on a kid’s house this is it.

I presume that this will not be done as to do so might cause said authorities to be considered bigoted by the left, and what’s the safety of a few little girls next to making sure adults aren’t thought of badly by liberals.

As Stacy McCain often says, people need to wake the hell up.

There are a lot of people wondering why key Democrats have been going along with insane protesters who claw at doors or scream at the senate as they vote or harass people at dinner ete etc etc.

An awful lot of folks at my side don’t get it. They presume that they somehow don’t understand how this looks in swing states and districts that they need to win.

I would like to offer an alternate theory, I think they DO believe this is harmful but they feel they have no choice but to go along.

The left decided long ago that the violent and insane left were useful, they encouraged them as a counter to the Tea Party and even as they progressed toward full socialist, full violent and full crazy they decided that the Trump victory was so critical that they couldn’t back away from them since they were the only young people in their party who had any actual energy and they demonstrated that energy in the Kavanaugh protests, expecting the GOP to stand down.

Alas for the left Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh and the rest decided not to be bullied and refused to give these people power over them, and by standing up and showing courage they will inspire others in the GOP to have courage when faced by these people.  This is bad for the left and Democrats.

But that’s not the worst of it

What’s worse for them is they have discovered that once you give such people power and authority over you and your candidates they will use that power to gain more power and they realize that if they cross these people who beat Rand Paul, tried to murder a GOP congressional candidate, attempted to drive folks like Sarah Sanders and Ted Cruz from public places, and of course tried to murder congressman Steve Scalise they might turn on them.

Simply put they’ve created a monster and if the monster can’t terrorize the armed GOP willing to stand up to them they will have to settle for intimidating the left that nursed them until they could grow strong.

History could have informed the professional left that this would be the result of this foolish decision but alas for them didn’t take the advice that Mr. Kipling gave in his poem on the subject whose refrain remains true:

And that is called paying the Dane-geld;
But we’ve proved it again and again,
That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld
You never get rid of the Dane.

I suspect it might be a generation before the Democrat left recovers from this.  They decided to pay the InsaneGeld and now will never get rid of the Insane