A reader at National review sent in this comment after Biden said they would screw things up 3 times out of 10:

Has Joe Biden become the political equivalent of Manny Ramirez? Nothing that the VP does even elicits a questioning look anymore; it’s just “Biden being Biden” much like “Manny being Manny”.

You can’t be shocked about what you expect.

Amazing who would have thought it possible:

A UN agency said on Friday it halted aid imports into Gaza after hundreds of tonnes of food assistance were seized, but Hamas indicated the goods would be returned, saying the incident was a mistake.

“UNRWA has suspended all imports of aid into the Gaza Strip following the confiscation of hundreds of tonnes of food aid,” the UN agency for Palestinian refugees said.

And Hamas’ reaction? Who us?

“The aid supplies were loaded onto trucks by mistake as no government representative was present. The drivers did not know which supplies were UNRWA’s and which were the government’s.”

I suspect that this will be a blip and things will be back to normal shortly but you never know.

I was answering a comment in the Ben Stein thread it hit me that the answer was the post I’ve been meaning to write on the subject so I’ve promoted and expaned it.

It is rightly said that if one is not willing to have your religious belief challenged then it must not be worth much. If you can’t defend your faith it is unlikely to be worth defending

I think that is true for science as well. In fact science progresses by the process of idea, observation, experiment, deduction, and reassessment repeated over and over again.

This process has three results:

Affirmation of some existing conclusions
Rethinking of some existing conclusions
Totally new directions that we’ve never thought of

All these things have one core component; the pursuit of truth. As truth is the reason to be Christian the pursuit of scientific truth must be embraced. Continue reading “Chapter 2: My take on Science vs religion”

I posed a suggestion for Christians in general and Catholics in particular on how to cope with the problems this bad economy is hitting you with.

If you are an atheist and can’t bring yourself to try it here is another depression fighter; Amazon has a sale on chocolate and candy this month.

It’s a sweet alternative for the unbeliever, then again its not a bad deal for us believers either.

I must confess I’m getting kinda antsy being home. December had Christmas and the ice storm to keep me busy. January had the open house and the College search. Now Feburary is here. The boy has picked has almost finalized his choice. (I think Das Full Boat has it) the house is empty and I find my mind turning toward the lack of success in my job hunt.

It’s a depressing situation, my lot is shared by an awful lot of people these days and its perfectly normal to worry. It is not however healthy or normal to let these worries overwhelm you.

I’m sure there are things I can improve and I’ll be taking those measures as I can but that doesn’t lesson the feelings that come up. That has to still be dealt with in some ways.

If you are Catholic then might I suggest a solution. When this is getting you down offer a small prayer set (Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be) and close by offering your feelings as a sacrifice your sins yours and others, and maybe for the souls in Purgatory too.

This turns the source of weakness into a source of spiritual strength and sticks it to the other side that wants you discouraged and depressed and inactive.

Even if you are weak in faith or not Catholic it certainly can’t hurt. If we have to deal with bad times lets use them to humanity’s advantage.

Via Israellycool this story from the Age nails it:

Hamas has absolutely no desire to negotiate a peaceful Palestinian state living in neighbourly quiet next to Israel. Hamas, and many Palestinians, have effectively abandoned the two-state solution. They instead have a long-term demographic strategy. In 1950, there were 240,000 Gazans, Now there are 1.5 million. By 2040 there will be three million. Eventually, they believe, they will swamp Israel with sheer numbers. And they will never let Israel be free of responsibility for them, either by an association with Egypt, which is what Israel tried to achieve by its withdrawal in 2005, or by becoming an independent state at peace.

At the other end of the spectrum, I believe many moderate Palestinians don’t really want two states either. If you were an Arab East Jerusalemite, would you really want to leave Israel, with its modern economy, world class hospitals etc, to be ruled either by the corrupt kleptomaniacs of Fatah or the totalitarian Islamists of Hamas?

Combine this with Yon’s article from yesterday and you have the situation in a nutshell.

We will see a Palestinian state sometime after Puerto Rico either becomes independent or the 51st state.

And the hits keep coming from Gaza but since apparently the only story in the world is the bill in the Senate nobody around here cares.

If you are the exception you know where to look.

It hits me that there isn’t a lot of whining over the plight of the Palestinians at least I haven’t read much of it lately, there was a time I couldn’t miss it if I wanted to.

This might mean that Peres in Davos might have been a seminal moment. If the “peacenicks” have lost Peres they have lost the ability to pressure Israel.

Via Glenn Yuval Levin gives the fairest assessment of the Palin candidacy that I have yet read:

Either way, the Palin moment shed a powerful light on the power, the potential, and the ultimate inadequacy of a conservatism grounded solely in cultural populism. It also exposed the vulnerability of the Left to a challenge to its most cherished claims—as the sole representative of the interests of the working class and the only legitimate path to political power for an ambitious woman.

And, perhaps even more telling, it revealed the unfortunate and unattractive propensity of the American cultural elite to treat those who are not deemed part of the elect with condescension and contumely.

Read the whole thing. I suspect her CPAC speech will be VERY important to see what she will or will not be on the national stage.

I think Big Hollywood nails it:

Does anybody else find it supremely ironic that Ben Stein made a documentary about academia’s intolerance toward those who question evolutionary theory — and then a university effectively rescinded an invitation to speak? Seems to me that nothing in Ben Stein’s Expelled is more compelling evidence of the truth of his thesis than that.

I don’t have a horse in this race myself but I think this is a gift to Ben Stein it validates his thesis and strengthens his whole hand. Even if you disagree much better to let him talk. I suspect he would have been a great speaker.

The stimulus bill has created a giant sucking sound keeping other news to the background but lets take a quick look:

President Obama appears on an Arab network full of Mea Culpa for the US. Iran demands apologies and continues to build the bomb with a worldwide reach.

Russia flexes its muscle and suddenly Kyrgyzstan carries Russia’s water giving us notice to scoot. Russia finances the closing and then “consents” to help us.

Pakastan releases Kahn from house arrest no word from the white house.

New North Korean missile tests. IMAO has the Obama plan.

India; which was one of the real triumphs of Bush era diplomacy is cooling. Cooperation becomes warning after warning.

And hey lets drop charges against the Cole bomber.

When you look like the weak horse, people try to ride you. Carter 7 Arthur 3

Update: and yes I know IMAO is a joke site.

Update 2: The Anchoress said something similar last night. That’s my kinda company.