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We currently play a 78 game season 3 games a week for 26 weeks using Dynasty Baseball. There is an all star game at the half.

Games are played on Saturday’s at 3 p.m. in Lunenburg Mass. right on the Fitchburg Leominster border.

This is our 22nd year so we are very well established. Dues are $50 per year which can be paid in two $25 payments if needed.

If you think you would have been a great manager if only you had the chance this is the game for you!

For more info contact our league commissioner Mike Kennedy e-mail Mowing1 at***—Verizon dotttttttt Net (without the at***—-or extra t’s to avoid spambots).

…And if you are in the area of Orange Mass. Think of Mike’s mowing.

…it would not be considered offensive.

Oh and note this from the story:

“I talked to the parents who are coordinating the talent show, and they feel it’s inappropriate and potentially offensive,” Llewellyn Principal Steve Powell said.

When asked what was offensive about Dru’s skit, Powell refused to discuss it.

“I won’t say why it’s inappropriate,” he said. “I’m not saying anything to The Oregonian. Why? Because I don’t want to.”

This is the principal talking not the kid. No wonder the comics won’t make Obama jokes.

US 9 Dutch 3.

You don’t normally see a brushback thrown at a team when it is down 8-2 in the top of the 8th. I think it was strictly bush league on the part of the US, but a win is a win. Once again the Dutch shows some offense but couldn’t get the hits with runners in scoring position.

The US however did the one thing that no other team was able to do with the dutch and that is getting hits with runners in scoring position.

So tomorrow they will face either Puerto Rico or Venezuela, both are going to be tough.

Japan 6 Cuba 0

Japan showed why they are the champs and Dice-K brought smiles to the face of any Red Sox fan with 6 incredible innings as Cuba was spanked by Japan. It seemed to me that the entire game the Cubans were trying too hard, lot of young players trying to push things rather that take what was offered.

Ichrio was 0-4 despite being talked about every 3rd word. I’ve never seen a game with back to back pickoffs at first. If it hadn’t been for that then they might have mercyed them.

So it’s Mexico or Cuba out. If the Cuban team gets bounced by Mexico they could consider defecting en-masse. Oh and I loved when they said the “cultural differences” line that was used. I suspect they were contractually obligated not to hit them but it was done well.

I fell asleep with Mexico up last night and woke up to find that the Koreans’ came back to crush them. This sets up yet another Japan Korea meeting. They are the Yankees/Red Sox of this tourney. I don’t know how they do the final seeding but there is every possibility that they could meet in the finals.

…concerning language and action at this post at Patterico’s pontifications.

Of course you have to ignore the tone of voice since “Come here boy” to a dog is said in a different tone that any person would recognize. Base scenario:

A boy has a dog named Rover. At night, he typically calls the dog into the house from the field by either calling out: “Come here, boy!” or “Come here, Rover!” The dog responds to either; either is equally effective.

The boy learns at school that there is a racial history associated with the word “boy” such that black men are offended to be called “boy.” That night, he starts to call out: “Come here, boy!” when he sees Rover out in the field. But then, the boy sees a black man near Rover. The boy thinks to himself: if I yell out “Come here, boy!” that black man will be offended. But then the boy thinks: I don’t care. That’s his problem. And he yells, “Come here, boy!”

My answers to the questions are as follows:

1. The Boy has done nothing wrong and the Black man is not being unreasonable in being offended. There is clearly no racist intent but the Black Man has no way of knowing that.

2. The Father has not only done nothing wrong but has acted wisely. It is over little misunderstandings that many problems come from. He is teaching his son how to interact in society.

3. The boy has done nothing wrong because we clearly know intent. He should be prepared to defend his stance.

4. The boy is wrong. He is trying to make his friends laugh by appealing to their racism.

5. If he had not seen the friends laugh then it would be unreasonable to be offended, once he saw the friends laugh then it became reasonable.

6. The boy has done something wrong. The moment he said to his friends “Watch this” he had intent. The black man is correct in being offended. If the “watch this” was removed then they boy would be fine. Unless he sees the dog the black man is correct in being offended.

This would be an excellent classroom exercise.

The New York Times has a story today concerning the man made famine in Ukraine in the 30’s:

A quarter century ago, a Ukrainian historian named Stanislav Kulchytsky was told by his Soviet overlords to concoct an insidious cover-up. His orders: to depict the famine that killed millions of Ukrainians in the early 1930s as unavoidable, like a natural disaster. Absolve the Communist Party of blame. Uphold the legacy of Stalin.

Professor Kulchytsky, though, would not go along.

The other day, as he stood before a new memorial to the victims of the famine, he recalled his decision as one turning point in a movement lasting decades to unearth the truth about that period. And the memorial itself, shaped like a towering candle with a golden eternal flame, seemed to him in some sense a culmination of this effort.

This story is notable not for what it says but for what it leaves out.

How the times can do a story about the famine and not mention Walter Duranty is beyond me. Actually it’s not. It is just once more reason why the mainstream media is not to be taken at their word.

It is ignorance as much as fear that keeps people down. The Times should be ashamed of itself but I think it has lost the capacity for it.

Update: Welcome Don Surber readers. Have a peek around. Discover the moderate Fatah, See President Obama’s score on the Arthur/Carter Watch, Discover how even the undead can’t be nominated in the Obama administration, Enjoy the best Doctor Who story you will ever read, and find out which slightly vulgar scene of Porky’s the president’s Gitmo policy reminds me of.

It’s not only rockets being used against Israel:

Arab terrorists killed two Israeli traffic policemen Sunday evening near Moshav Massua in an apparent drive-by shooting in the Jordan Valley between Beit She’an and Jericho. The victims’ squad car overturned after the terrorists shot them in head. Medical officials say one victim died as a result of injuries suffered by the car overturning.

Different terrorist groups took responsibility for the attack, the first in the Jordan Valley since January. Fatah-Tanzim terrorists initially were quoted as saying they carried out the murders, (emphasis mine), but an unknown group called the Imad Mughniyeh Squad later said it was behind the attack. The cell is named after the Hizbullah terrorist mastermind who was assassinated a year ago in Damascus. The unknown group said the attack was “in response to the crimes of occupation against the Palestinian people.”

Israellycool points out the irony out.

Yeah, that’s the moderate Fatah party of Mahmoud Abbas, peace partners par excellence.

Funny how the initial reports said Fatah alone, I think this is the 9/11 thing where initial celebrations among the Palestinians were replaced by photos of Arafat donating (AIDS infected) blood. It might be a problem getting the big money from the US if they are shooting cops, who do they think they are? Bill Ayers or Mumia?

Then again maybe they shouldn’t have worried with this administration.

Dissenting Justice notices something interesting about the administration and AIG:

The price of the earmarks dwarfs the value of AIG’s bonuses, but the Obama administration told critics of earmarks that the budget was “last year’s” business. The banking bailout — or TARP — was actually enacted last year, unlike the omnibus budget. As you witness the federal government condemn AIG, consider the source of the outrage.

He then asks the question:

Is the federal government’s sudden outrage sincere or false?

If you have to ask you know the answer.

Update: Via Glenn VDH is mystified at Barney Frank wanted to bring up AIG with his own corrupt connections. I’m not mystified at all. The media won’t touch him and he knows it so why would he be the least bit worried? As long as the mainstream media doesn’t report his conflicts they never happened.

The folks at Joe noticed a bit of a change concerning the cost of saying the economy is fundamentally sound.

6:10 a.m. AIG has really got them angry

6:14 a.m. Mika’s daughter’s statement about bonus’ is very telling

6:20 a.m. The Bill Marr Clip suggests that the Hollywood crowd is inching closer to the dreaded make fun of Obama moment.

6:32 a.m. How are they spinning this in the blogisphere? Nice question. Apparently e-mailers are playing word games?

6:36 a.m. They bring up the school choice thing

6:42 a.m. The old VP gets a shot and they are talking about the distraction game. This might have meat to it.

6:53 a.m. the Goool shout is cool but the catching a full drink thrown at him and drinking it was cooler.

7:01 a.m. Underroos? did they say Underroos?

7:05 a.m. Joe and Pat point out the contrast when the press exposes stuff that actually hurts the war on terror. Mika wisely shuts up.

7:13 a.m. They like the Home Alone line.

7:24 a.m. The e-mail point about what contacts need to be retained is a fair statement.

7:34 a.m. Joe points out that Israel takes Iranian proclamations of destroying them seriously, while Pat asks the what do you do on the overfly question.

8:00 a.m. The wedding ring has been found.

8:28 a.m. The fate of newspapers is discussed with Mort Z.

8:30 a.m. 250mil at 14%? And the times is talking about bad financial management?

8:31 a.m. The only reason why the post is making money is Kaplin.

8:33 a.m. Imus has cancer here comes the praise, but remember this show wouldn’t be on the air if he didn’t have a big mouth.

8:50 a.m. I have no interest in March madness.

8:55 a.m. Kent Conrad is singing their song.