Looks like the president decided he wanted to score some serious points:

White House aides told Jewish leaders on a conference call today that the United States will boycott the United Nations’ World Conference on Racism over hostility to Israel in draft documents prepared for the April conference.

The aides, including an adviser to U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, Jennifer Simon, and longtime Obama advisor Samantha Power, said the administration will not participate in further negotiations on the current text or participate in a conference based on the text, sources on the call said.

Hotair is impressed:

Well, well, well. I’m not sure whether I’m more surprised to see Obama change his mind or Samantha Power take the side of Israel. Okay, I know I’m more surprised about Power going quietly from Durban II.

Yourish had this to say:

Well, there goes my subject for next week’s SNN. Now I need to find a new one.

Hey I guess Martin Perez a bone sometime.

I can’t help but think of Ken Burns telling us that Nathan Bedford Forest quit the KKK when it became too violent even for him in the last episode of the Civil War Series. I guess the conference is too anti-semitic even for the Obama administration.

We’ll be generous, we will not only give him an Arthur point but we will remove this Carter point for not objecting to a draft as well!

Carter 10 Arthur 5

Now lets see if he acts on the Zombie Unemployment issue!

UPDATE: Accidentally put this under the Amazon reviews catagory instead of Arthur/carter

Was listening to the radio on the way home from picking up my son from school and heard an interesting story concerning fees at U-Mass:

Tuition and fees at the University of Massachusetts system will rise by an average of nearly 16 percent following a vote by the UMass board of trustees’ finance committee.

The committee approved the fee increase with a 7-2 vote today, although the increase still needs final approval from the full board of trustees, which meets next on Feb. 27 in Dartmouth. The proposal would increase the average annual tuition and fees for in-state undergraduates to $11,048 from $9,548 at UMass schools in the next academic year, an average increase of $1,500. The increase is aimed at partially offsetting an anticipated $102 million reduction in state funding in the coming fiscal year that starts on July 1.

An interesting tidbit follows:

The UMass committee approved language that would allow for a rebate, depending on the amount of federal funds the university receives from the recently-passed federal economic stimulus package.

In other words UMass is using the Stimulus package like every other Federal Package, as an excuse to increase its own fees and take the federal funds as their own.

The primary reason why college costs have gone up so much is that the taxpayer is footing the bill, as federal monies go up so do the fees. Instant liberal cash cow.

If you wonder why colleges are so liberal and so in favor of government spending, this is why.

…times continue to be tough as the Star Village World inquisitor reminds us:

… according to US Labor Department statistics released this week, joblessness and under-employment is disproportionately high among the undead population. A historical high of 24.8% was reached this month, as jobless claims among the undead continued to rise.

Combined with discrimination against the Undead it is a real problem, fortunately its Massachusetts to the rescue:

Massachusetts uses a different means of determining eligibility for unemployment. Under their constitution, the Commonwealth is able to tax the dead and undead alike, making Ms. Glass eligible for state-funded retraining, health benefits, and Affirmative-Action based job placement.

“I thank God for the Socialist Republik Commonwealth of Massachusetts,” Ms. Glass says. “If I unlived elsewhere, I wouldn’t even count as a person.”

In this age of Newspaper failings its nice to know we can get the Star Village World Inquisitor for only a few cents!

It really burns me when the refer to taxing Americans and spending it foolishly as “investing”.

When people play with language it is usually to decieve.

So in that spirit I think we should change the way we phrase things:

Tax cuts should now be called INVESTMENTS.

Lets Invest in the American People directly, Lets cut taxes! It has been a winner every time it has been tried. This is one investment that will pay off.

Every time a republican calls for tax cuts they should refer to them as investments in the most productive people in the world. An investment in the most creative, inspired, innovative and successful population history has ever seen!

Lets see the left attack that!

CAN be wrong:

Charles W. “Chas” Freeman, Jr., has been named head of the National Intelligence Council, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence announced this afternoon.

Martin (I love Obama) Perez is shocked shocked:

That Freeman would be chosen as the president’s gatekeeper to national intelligence is an absurdity. It would be as if I were appointed the gatekeeper to that intelligence.

And not only is the guy in the pocket of the Saudi’s but read this:

What the left is unable to do is defend Freeman’s views on China, where he unapologetically supports the bloody crackdown on democracy activists who dare protest in the streets of the capital, and Saudi Arabia, which as far as Freeman is concerned is something like Berkeley in the desert. The left spent years bemoaning the close ties between the Bush family and the Saudi royals — and it was a relationship that few on the right were eager to defend. Now the left can have their turn defending a man who is so closely tied to the Saudi Kingdom that in the weeks after 9/11 he wouldn’t even consider halting his business with the bin Laden family.

What did Perez say before the election?:

I have written here and elsewhere that Barack Obama’s views on Israel and the possibilties of peace between it and the Palestinians are both tough-minded and deeply comprehending. I don’t at all think that I’d be disappointed with an Obama presidency, and certainly not with his attitude towards the Jewish State.

And that was good enough for Andrew “clear eyed” Sullivan:

If Marty ain’t worried, ain’t nobody need to worry. Of course, Marty suffers from the same malady I do: clear-eyed understanding of what the Clintons actually are.

Hey I guess that 77% are leftist first and Jews second. Thou shall have no other Gods but liberalism. Glenn’s reader Patrick McNiff nails it:

It is kind of hard to get too exercised over his appointment as it relates to Israel in light of the following:

Barack Obama wins 77 percent of Jewish vote, exit polls show

As Obamas favorite pastor might say : “The chickens are coming home to roooost”

Elections have consequences…

I still maintain to many this is a feature not a bug and I think this is even worse.

BTW I accidentally hit publish instead of “blockquote” which is why an incomplete post went up.

UPDATE: Gateway pundit points out that Andrew might have had a point about Mrs. Clinton:

Jewish leaders are stunned that Hillary is hammering Israel over Gaza.

It remains to be seen if this is Clinton acting or if she: vas only following orders!

…the rockets continue:

6:10PM: A short time ago, palestinian terrorists fired yet another Qassam into Israel.

I guess the bomb-the-smuggling-tunnel approach is not working so well.

5:30PM: A short time ago, the IAF struck some smuggling tunnels. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!

11:12AM: Two houses were damaged in the Qassam attacks earlier this morning. While no-one was injured, some Sderot residents were treated for shock.

9:22AM: Today’s palestinian rocket firing shenanigans have begun, with 2 Qassams hitting Israel.

IAF smuggling tunnel strikes to begin later.

The money flows foolishly:

Israel recently approved the transfer of NIS 175 million ($41.8 million) in order to pay the salaries of Fatah government workers in Gaza, but Ynet learned Thursday night that about half of the funds were used to compensate residents whose houses were damaged by Israel Defense Forces fire during Operation Cast Lead.

Ten days after the money was transferred, not one penny has been deposited in the Palestinian Authority workers’ bank accounts in Gaza.

And Israellcool is shocked shocked! (Well not really)

In the words of Industry, Trade and Labor Minister Eli Yishai:

“The pathetic desire to create a partner on the Palestinian side has led to an absurd and shocking situation, in which the State of Israel is compensating the Palestinians for Operation Cast Lead before transferring funds to compensate the residents of southern Israel.”

What makes this even more absurd and shocking is that many of the homes damaged during Operation Cast Lead belonged to terrorists or terror-enablers.

Hey don’t worry Israel, our President will provide the next 900 Million.

Just a reminder anyone who thinks that the rockets have stopped isn’t paying attention. I’m waiting to hear about the pacifist left forming a group of human shields to protect Sderot. Anyone? Bueller, Bueller.

At least that is what the Anglican church of Canada states in it’s Lenten Reflection:

This not a story for people who need to think that Jesus always had it together, because it looks like we’ve caught him being mean to a lady because of her ethnicity. At first, he ignores her cries. Then he refuses to help her and compares her people to dogs.

But she challenges his prejudice.

The passage referred to is Matthew 14:22-27. Anglican Sazisdat is not happy:

Thus, Jesus was not God, made mistakes and had to be set straight. The reference to understanding his universality is undoubtedly an attempt to point out that, once the woman corrected him, Jesus came to the light as proscribed by 21st Century liberalism: inclusivity is all encompassing, paramount and – well, god.

This is an officially sanctioned document from the ACoC: it denies both Jesus’ divinity and the fact that he is sinless. The ACoC seems to be going out of its way to present itself as a non-Christian organisation; I think it has succeeded.

Damian Thompson has a theory:

Maybe someone has been on a “racism awareness course” and decided to redefine the divinity of Jesus in a way that flatters ethnic sensibilities. How very Anglican. How very Canadian.

And the most amazing thing is it makes the priest at the Rochester Institute of Technology Newman center entering Mass with a Mickey Mouse hat ,blessing a super-soaker and using it for distributing holy water seem orthodox.

UPDATE: The Anchoress notices the story.

The reclusive leftist is; I don’t know if outraged is too strong a world with this article by Kim Gandy minimizing the impact of Islam on the beheading of Aasyia Hassan:

…she goes far beyond these observations into a full-scale shut-down of any possible cultural or religious differentials in terms of violence against women. All religions and nationalities are essentially the same, Kim tells us, and if there are any teeny tiny differences, they are unknowable. Pointless to even think in those terms. No reason to look at environmental factors like culture or religion when trying to understand why there’s a dead female body on the floor. Violence against women is the same everywhere, Kim implies, regardless of culture or religion. From Sweden to Somalia, from Wicca to Wahhabi, it’s all the same.

This attitude drives me nuts.

On the other end of the scale Tim Blair points out the problem here:

A nationwide, unified effort entitled “Imams Speak Out: Domestic Violence Will Not Be Tolerated in Our Communities” has commenced to ask all imams and religious leaders to finally discuss this recent tragedy, as well as domestic violence, in their weekly sermon on their upcoming Friday prayer services.

Good luck with that. Imams – particularly those who turn up on YouTube – seem to be the main problem, writes Mona Eltahawy:

Type Muslim+woman+beating into an online search engine and you get a monster’s parade of what I call “YouTube imams” explaining how to beat a woman according to “Islamic teaching.”

He has the basic solution to those who are worried about people who think that this is giving fuel to “haters of Islam”.

Here’s a crazy idea: how about Islamic men stop bashing women? All Islam haters would then be completely without ammunition.

It’s SO crazy it just might work!

A lot of Palin bling from CPAC:

6:07 a.m. How dare we not totally cut and run, democrats are outraged.

6:09 a.m Joe nails it, politically the far left in congress isn’t hurt if Iraq fails, but Obama pays for it.

6:20 a.m. Here are the few newspapers we have left…

6:37 a.m. Good point by including Iraq in the budget then when it stops we have a “budget cut”.

6:41 a.m. Pat: “They’re grabbing everything they ever wanted and ramming it through.” That is what is meant by not letting a crisis going to waste.

6:44 a.m. By 2010 it will be throw the radicals out, but you have to have an alternative.

7:01 a.m. Mika was drinking with Kerry last night?

7:12 a.m. There were people who were warning about this, notice they use the example from the Clinton years and not the republican hearings during the Bush years.

7:17 a.m. Chuck Todd thinks the public doesn’t believe this stuff or even believed we had a surplus. He however also thinks its not a voting issue.

7:50 a.m. Romney at Morning Joe, can he see the Palin buttons on Mika?

7:55 a.m. Bad assets would have gone into a co-op says Romney.

8:04 a.m. Apparently Tina Brown says we republicans are on a Holy Jihad. I thought our friends on the left say jihad means struggle?

8:10 a.m. So much for $5000 for a charity table

8:15 a.m. Rush is a blowhard, sayeth Tina Brown; I wonder if you compare what ratings Brown brings to Joe to what a 5 min interview with Rush would do for the ratings? You know taking Rush out of context is a religion at MSNBC.

8:25 a.m. A question on the nation of Georgia to the Polish Ambassador.

8:27 a.m. He thinks the Soviets would have won if it wasn’t for the US in Afghanistan. The Beheaded polish hostage is mentioned.

8:29 a.m. Hey he has the number of the Polish Paris Hilton!

8:39 a.m. Lets invest! Tax is invest I hate playing with words.

8:46 a.m. I loved the Bush visit to the hardware store.