Wasn’t it just last week that the MSM and the left insisted that Woodward’s book was Gospel?

“So let’s set aside the Comey firing, which as a Constitutional law professor, no one will ever persuade me can be obstruction. And Rod Rosenstein has laid out reasons why even if those weren’t the president’s reasons. Set aside the Comey firing. Did you, Bob Woodward, hear anything in your research in your interviews that sounded like espionage or collusion?” Hugh Hewitt asked Woodward.

“I did not, and of course, I looked for it, looked for it hard,” Woodward answered. “And so you know, there we are. We’re going to see what Mueller has, and Dowd may be right. He has something that Dowd and the president don’t know about, a secret witness or somebody who has changed their testimony. As you know, that often happens, and that can break open or turn a case.”

“But you’ve seen no collusion?” Hewitt asked again to confirm.

“I have not,” Woodward affirmed.

Emphasis mine

So let me get this straight, the sainted Bob Woodward, the man who revealed the turncoat in the Trump White House, the man who the media has put on a pedestal as the supreme source of truth about the inner working of Trump administration, one of the most famous reporters in the history of the country if not the world, using all the resources that a half century of experience provides, looked hard for evidence of Trump administration collusion with Russia not for two weeks, not for Two Months but for TWO FREAKING YEARS and found none.

Glenn Reynolds noted something about this too:

And this was all in Shattered, a book that everyone supposedly read.

Now I’m sure that not mentioning this was an oversight by all those media types who obsessed over this book because it couldn’t be that the lack of said collusion was a big disappointment but not to worry, it appears that there might just be actual evidence presented in court of a convicted felon who was once involved in the Trump campaign whose efforts to collude with the administration went up to the very highest levels of government even to this president and vise president themselves…just not the current one.

Paul Manafort’s pro-Ukraine campaign reached the top of the White House, with one of the members of his lobbying effort meeting President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in 2013, according to new court documents released Friday.

A member of the so-called Hapsburg Group, which comprised former European politicians Manafort convened as part of his lobbying effort in support of Ukraine’s then-President Viktor Yanukovych, came with a foreign prime minister on May 16, 2013, to meet with Obama and Biden, “as well as senior United States officials in the executive and legislative branches,” according to the court documents.

I’m sure that the left in general and the media in particular which has insisted that collusion was not a paranoid fantasy of their will be delighted with this development and will use the full strength of their powerful voices to insist that these efforts going all the way up to a president deserve the highest level of scrutiny from both the special counsel and the FBI and that said officials be compelled to tell all they know about their connection to a man they met with who was involved in illegal activities at that time.

I speak to Kare Saum (pronounced Psalm) of both Viva Guadalupe and the Catholic Marketing network at the end of the 2018 Catholic Marketing Network Trade show in Lancaster PA.

She worked very hard and deserves a bow

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If you are a conservative the words CNN invoke images of some of the worst that journalism has to offer with folks like Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon or Brian Seltzer doing their best to help the station earn the Fake News title bestowed on them by the President.

That deplorable face of CNN (not as in the “deplorables”) is one thing that conservatives see every day at home which is why if you actually visit CNN as I did you will find several things there amusing.

First of all at this at the entrance you will laugh out loud

I didn’t have time to contact Lanny Davis for comment on that one.

The next funny thing you will see is in the food court with a large number of choices. Guess which one is the most popular:

Yes that EVIL chick-fil-a that CNN piled onto along with the rest of the MSM has lines that dwarf everyone else, and just to show it wasn’t a fluke I filmed them as we left too.

I’m reliability told that this is true six days a week unless there is a game at the arena next door at which time all of the food places share the wealth a bit.

I also found it interesting that at CNN the rest rooms are segregated by only two genders

Somebody call the diversity police on CNN

I can’t tell you how tempted I was to take a right rather than a left when I had to go knowing that if CNN prevented me it would be a story and a half.

If you had access beyond the regular tour that I did (more on that in a bit) You would have seen the elevators for employees which really had me laughing.

I mean it’s one thing to have promos for a show for public consumption but to put this on the elevators for internal use? That’s groveling hero worship on a grand scale.

But the funniest joke at CNN was an unintentional one. I went to the gift shop and immediately spotted an item that had me in hysterics

Now this is meant to promote a particular anchor but the idea of what appears to be an empty toupee seemed to me the perfect item for a broadcaster’s gift shop and when I pointed it out to one of the employees there she started cracking up hysterically.

That’s the comic face of CNN and it’s worth laugh at, but there is one more face of CNN that deserves attention by conservatives and unlike the other two it’s a face that deserves our respect.

Inside CNN hard at work

While a lot of the on air talent which leaves much to be desired the real heavy lifting is being done in rooms like this. People making sure that every single feed is running smooth, checking every single piece of audio and video that comes in, whether from an ad or a recorded piece to make sure that they meet CNN’s standards for video and sound quality.

it’s a never-ending job because if something gets on the air below par, even if it comes from an advertiser they have an excuse to delay or refuse payment.

And that’s just the stuff before it goes on you also have live direction going in the control room where the directors have to be ready to jump to whichever camera at an event provides the view most likely to keep the eyeballs where they are

Ready to move when the news does

And things being what they are today this was inevatable

To be fair CNN would not be doing their job if they didn’t keep an eye on President Trump’s twitter feed.

What the bottom line? This is a third face of CNN that is not seen by the public

There are an awful lot of really talented people (of various political beliefs) who keep the quality of the audio and video that goes on the air over multiple networks is of a quality that sets the standard for the rest of the world. They are the third and

Would that the on air talent did the same.

Those workers are the third and best face of CNN.

Two closing thoughts:

Seeing things from the control room as they happen you get some sympathy for the some of the on air talent. While in the room I watched a feed that wasn’t live as a woman was waiting to go back on, she was constantly checking her hair and makeup and staff was preening her to make sure she remained immaculate. That’s got to be stressful for a woman particularly in an age of hi-def TV and with the knowledge that there is always another woman younger and just as beautiful just waiting to take your seat if the slightest thing goes wrong. That’s got to be a source of incredible stress.

My guide told me that one of the things he missed about Ted Turner was the backdrop where these people behind the scenes were in the background of shots. If CNN was smart and wanted to build back their rep they would be well advised to return to those shots of the best face of CNN.

I speak to Author Peter Kleponis about his book Restoring Trust a Couples Guide to getting past porn at the 2018 Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show in Lancaster PA

You can buy the book here

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The last time we saw Rick Green on this blog was the last day I was a member of the GOP Mr. Green after losing a very, shall we say interesting election for GOP party chair urged his supporters to forget what had happened and get behind the new GOP chair and the party.

Five years later Rick Green in running in my district for congress and has a new ad out

Now Green has an uphill battle, the conservative center of the state has been carved into as many different districts as possible to dilute the vote and the anti-Trump left is mobilized.

On the plus there is the Trump economy benefiting the entire region and President Obama helpfully reminding voters of how times were before Trump and activating GOP activists who already fondly remember Green. Finally Green is not only is he contending for an open seat but the recount in the 3rd district race has the potential to divide Democrats come election day.

Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin has officially ordered a district-wide hand recount in the 3rd Congressional District.

The recount comes after Democratic candidate Daniel Koh filed a sufficient number of signatures to request the recount.

Under state law, the boards of registrars in each city and town in the district must now set a date to recount all Democratic ballots cast in their communities in the Sept. 4 state primary. The recount in each municipality must be completed by Sept. 17.

Candidate Lori Trahan is claiming a 122-vote victory in last week’s Democratic primary race against Koh.

No matter how the recount turns out, someone is going to be angry.

And finally there is the exceptions game, this seat is under everyone’s radar in a year when Democrats are feeling good about themselves

Just like 2010.

I haven’t had a lot of time to watch this race I wouldn’t be surprised it it doesn’t end as some people expect.

Yesterday was 9/11 again and my opinion on hit hasn’t changed.


The days we need to be remembering are the fall of Saddam (April 9th); the fall of the Taliban government in Afghanistan and Tora Bora (Dec 17th); and the death of Bin Laden (May 2nd). We should hold those days high, and make sure that not only do we remember and celebrate those days—but those we defeated remember it as well. Those days should be celebrated just as we did with VE and VJ Days, right up until the greatest generation was replaced by the baby boomers, and those World War II landmarks began to fade from memory.

When the war is won, then perhaps things will be different—but as long as we are still fighting, a somber remembrance is the wrong thing to do.

So while the rest of the country puts on their sackcloth for 24 hours, I will respectfully pass on that. Instead, I will pop a cork to the passengers of Flight 93 for producing the first in many U.S. victories during the War on Terror and toast the troops who continue to win one of the toughest wars our country has ever fought.


They’ve be time to mourn when our enemies are dead.

Glenn Reynolds made this prediction on 9/11


VIRGINIA IS MAD. So am I. Hell, so is everyone. And the TV footage of jubilant Palestinians just proves what I’ve always suspected — they just don’t get it. They’ll learn. Oh, how they’ll learn. Even if it turns out that this was done by the Chinese, or disaffected high school students, their jubilation will be long remembered. The American role as “mediator” in the Middle East is over. Since — though they don’t realize it — that’s the only thing that has kept the Palestinians in the game since 1991, their future is likely to be grim, now.


Alas neither George W. Bush nor Barack Obama saw fit to teach that lesson then along came Donald Trump…

President Trump appears to have undertaken a revolution in Middle Eastern diplomacy. Reportedly, the United States will eliminate refugee status for the descendants of Palestinian refugees of 1948, the only group of people anywhere in the world to inherit refugee status. The U.S. also reportedly will eliminate funding for UNRWA, the only UN agency dedicated to a single group of refugees, namely the Palestinian Arabs. . . .

This should have been done Sept 12th 2001. Who knew that it would take Donald Trump to see the Palestinians for what they are.

speaking about Trump and 9/11 this cartoon

and this op-ed

“Trump is harming the dream of America more than any foreign adversary ever could.”

are getting a lot of critique but you have to remember something. 9/11 was just a bunch of terrorists murdering Americans, Trump put the power of the left and their allies in the deep state at risk, no naturally that’s more important to them.

Breitbart reports that 10 NFL players protested this week. I looked them all up, they have something in common. None of them are rookies.

At National Review Kyle Smith has a mostly good piece about how the Democrats have become the Kaepernick party.

Nike’s net approval rating plunged an astonishing 34 points last week, the kind of polling shift you wouldn’t expect to see unless Air Jordans were proven to cause ankle cancer. Keeping Kaepernick front and center in the national discourse is a bad move for a sneaker company, a bad move for the pundits and activists who cheered it, and a bad move for any Democratic office-seeker. If voters get it into their heads that this November 6 is about whether you should kneel or stand for the national anthem, it won’t work out well for Democrats in the short or long term.

I think every democrat running in a swing district needs to have Kapernick campaign with him and if they don’t it proves they are racists.

I do take issue with one remark of Smith’s piece at NRO

President Trump is a political genius in much the same way that Wile E. Coyote is a mechanical genius, but he has proven that he has some lizard-brain, WWE-tinged sense of how to push the public’s buttons.

If Trump is Wile E Coyote, then how come he keeps winning and his enemies plots all end like this:

I’d say it’s Trump that plays Road Runner to Nevertrumps Coyote.

Back to 9/11 a sec I found this old interview of me from 2011 done on 9/11/2011

The key line is this

“Barack Hussein Obama in the worst free agent signing and most expensive free agent signing in the history of the country and every Democrat in congress and every Senator in congress and every Democratic governor whether they show up on stage with him or not is on his team.”

If I was Donald Trump I’d play that message every single day till election day 2018 and maybe even till election 2020

(It’s amazing how much I’ve aged since then)

In that same video I predicted the Democrats would lose that election day.

I’m repeating that prediction today

As we all watch the cone of Hurricane Florence head toward the east coast we need to be thankful that we have a full week’s warning and plenty of time for people to get ready. Imagine what it must have been like for people 100 years ago when you might get a day or two’s warning at best or 150 years ago when there would have been no warning at all.

We don’t understand just how lucky we are sometimes.

Is it just me or does anyone else have an awful feeling that the media/left is watching with breathless anticipation for Hurricane Florence to hit in the hopes that in the wake of massive flooding massive destruction and devastation they can blame Trump for not moving fast enough to score points this election cycle?

There was a time when such a thought would never have entered my head.

Finally it’s been amazing to watch the media suddenly get all protective of the church now that the scandals threaten Bishops, Cardinals and Pope that they perceive are on their side politically. It demonstrates abuse victims were merely a means to an end to the media/left enabling an attack on an institution who opposed them on abortion and gay marriage. But I’m not worried about the Church in the long run because it’s not the Bishops Cardinals or even Pope that will ensure the faith remains. it’s people like Lucy from California

Christ and Church are greater than any one Pope, Cardinal, Bishop, Scandal or even era. Those things all change, God does not.

I spoke to Author Mary Lou Rosen about her book: The Three Things Divorced Catholics Need to Know< at the 2018 Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show in Lancaster PA

You can buy her book here

Update: Code got corrupted but I wasn’t home to spot its, It was part of a bigger blog problem that is now fixed so I’m reposting it today

The 2018 Catholic Marketing Network Interview Bloglist (so far)

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A few days ago I talked about two women I met in Atlanta that were working hard to make their dreams and/or business’ a success I have one more such story for you.

Last Friday was my final full day in Atlanta and as my wife and I didn’t have time go to the Coca Cola museum on Tuesday as we had planned (CNN took much longer than we expected) Vinnie, my wife and I found ourselves once again on MARTA on the way to Atlanta proper.

One of the great disadvantages of the cellphone age is that if you spend all your time looking down at the phone for fear of missing something on the net you can miss interesting people, things or events that happen around you that unlike the internet can’t just be brought up to view later.

Like Sekondi Landry

During our trip while Vinnie and I were gabbing away and DaWife was valiantly putting up with us a young man came onto the subway and stood by the front wall. He seemed no different than another other such young man we had seen except for the fact he didn’t have a wire coming out of his ear.

For 2018 that was a significant difference but a few seconds later he demonstrated what was really unique about himself when he reached into his bag and produced two drawings and placed them over the corner of a pair of advertisements on the train.

The first drawing on the right wasn’t bad at all but the drawing on the left I thought was really good and Vinnie agreed even going so far as to compare it to a certain one eared artist.

I was intrigued, and spoke to him. His name was Secondi he didn’t go to art school, in fact he was getting his GED but had been drawing since 10 and decided he was sick of the various ads he saw on the train and thought he’d put up some of his work.

I loved the idea as it contrasted from a graffiti artist who has to deface what already exists without permission. I pulled out my camera and talked to the young man and recorded a brief interview

So here was a nice little story about a young man He had a dream of being an artist, with a little of his work. a great little subway story to add to the site.

But the story wasn’t over

A few minutes later he switched out his drawings. The new on on the right was of a foot and sneaker and didn’t impress me, the one of the left however was, in my opinion at least as good as the first I admired and that’s when something extrodinary happened.

Another fellow came on the train, noticed the drawing and instantly took a liking to it and asked if he was interested in selling it. Sekondi was and out came the video camera.

Now I don’t know if Sekondi Landry will someday become a household word, or if his art will ever be famous or even if one of the many companies that put good graphic designers to use might someday snatch up Sekondi, or even if those who read this blog might disagree with my high opinion of his work but I do know this. On Sept 7th 2018 Sekondi Landry managed to prove that his artwork was good enough that someone coming on a subway presumably without the intention to locate or buy a drawing was impressed enough to pay cash for it.

That’s a real milestone that, no matter what the future holds can never be taken away and it’s a great American story.

Remember this signature, someday you might find it in a gallery near you.

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I speak to Mariana Quan of CCC of America about their new Animated series Lukas Storyteller at the 2018 Catholic marketing Network Trade show in Lancaster PA

You can find out more about the show here.

The Trailer is below

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